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What is Mowico?

Mowico is a mobile commerce platform that lets e-commerce businesses create no-code apps and take full advantage of m-commerce by apps. The best part is, the process is quick and easy yet reasonably priced.

We focus on adding value to your business

Mobile commerce is where the magic happens. Today, more than 50 million customers from 10+ countries have already used Mowico to carry their operations to the world of apps.

Designing and developing smart mobile commerce solutions

Our goal is to offer the easiest and most streamlined way of reaching mobile success for any kind of e-commerce business.

We know mobile app projects can be long, overpriced, and frustrating. But with our experience and expertise, creating a stunning app will be easier than ever.

Your success is our sole purpose

MMowico assigns you a customer success manager the minute you start your demo for your business to reach its full mobile potential.

How we started

One of the most exciting trends in the democratisation of coding is undoubtedly no-code app building. And since the day it emerged, technology has evolved to meet the demands of everyday users who have no time or budget to code from scratch. Seeing the great potential in the world of no-code, we began our journey to specialise the technology in an area that can take full advantage of no-code.

In early 2020, we launched Mowico to offer a no-code platform that anybody in the e-commerce world can use. We developed the platform in such a way that even those who haven’t heard of the word “coding” can use it easily.





Mowico-made apps have reached more than 50 million shoppers

As a team of developers, we know how complicated it can be to create an app from scratch. The time, workforce, and budget spent for building an app are the main reasons why e-commerces hold themselves back from the world of mobile apps. So we developed Mowico with a no-code approach and focused exclusively on e-commerce.

Creating your app with
no-code only takes minutes!

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