E-commerce Trends 2022: What’s the Future of E-commerce?

The future of e-commerce is getting pretty exciting. See our infographics to learn the latest e-commerce statistics and keep up with e-commerce’s future trends.



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Infographic: E-commerce Statistics That’ll Shape the Future of E-Commerce

Like every other industry on the planet, e-commerce too has been affected by the pandemic for the last couple of years. But unlike many other branches of business, the e-commerce industry had a more positive trajectory due to lockdowns and new delivery methods. The growth of the industry may have slowed down, but still, e-commerce sales have managed to reach $4.9 trillion, and there’s still growth unlike many other industries. When we look at e-commerce trends and predictions, we see that everyone agrees that the industry will keep on growing in the coming years. And with new technologies, we may see an even bigger boom in the future of e-commerce. As an industry that’s totally reliant on digital technology, e-commerce has always been in a transformation. The one we’ve been witnessing clearly for a decade is the growing pace of mobile commerce, but that’s only the beginning. Here are some e-commerce statistics that you’ll find in our infographic:

Mobile commerce rocked BFCM

72% of Shopify Black Friday sales were made via a mobile device, which broke its own record.

M-Commerce increased its market share

In the US, the market share of m-commerce has reached 5.9%, and that’s a rate in the whole retail industry.

M-Commerce exceeds desktop

In 2021, 64% of e-commerce sessions happened on mobile devices.

As a company that’s been religiously following the e-commerce trends to develop our service to stay ahead of the time, we curated the most exciting e-commerce stats and trends for 2022, so you can always be prepared for what’s to come.

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