Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mowico used for?
We turn your eCommerce business into no-code native mobile apps; with limitless components, design options, and third-party integrations. With the help of Mowico app builder, you can easily build app both for iOS and Android phone users.
Who are the typical users of Mowico?
Mowico helps all types of e-commerce businesses, digital marketing agencies and freelance app developers.
Can I request for a free demo?
Yes you can. Mowico present you many options to see how it works when you start your free trial of 14 days from this link;
Which e-commerce platforms does Mowico support?
Mowico can be integrated with any eCommerce platform, or with your custom infrastructure. Your datas will automatically be ingested with Mowico's fully integrated structure. Learn more about entire supported platforms;
I do not have an e-commerce website. Can I still use Mowico platform to build a mobile app?
Unfortunately, you can not. First, you should start an e-commer business. Then you need to integrate your e-commerce platform into Mowico platform, in order to see how your mobile app would look like. We recommend you to download our demo mobile app from either Google Play store or Apple App store.
How can I book a demo/schedule a meeting?
You can book a demo simply by filling out the form in this link; Then, our customer support team will reach out to you shortly.
How can I build my App with Mowico?
You can build your app seamlessly in 60 minutes. Connect your store, design with drag & drop feature, enjoy live preview on mobile and go live. Check out how Mowico works for more details:
What level of support does Mowico offer?
"You can contact with Mowico in variety of platforms to easily get help when you are in need; Chat, FAQs, Email/Help Desk, Phone Support."
What are the mobile app features that Mowico provides? Where can I find all the features?
The features that Mowico provide includes; Push Notifications, Geofence Tracking, Loyalty Points, Store Locator, In-App Messaging,Gift Card, Fast Checkout, Force Login, Multiple Languages, Wishlist. Not only do we offer all the features you need for a successful mobile app, we also release tens of new features each month to help you stay ahead of industry shifts. Any feature can be added to a Mowico app. If you are in need of a different feature, our technical team is always ready to support you in its implementation. These previously implemented custom features can be exemplified as Augmented Reality, Roomvo Visualizer. You can see all the features that Mowico provides on wizard platform 'manage' section.
What is Mowico's cancellation policy?
Mowico offers both monthly and annual subscription plans. Please contact our customer support team if you would like to cancel your subscription to Mowico’s wizard platform.
What is your pricing policy?
Does Mowico support mobile devices?
Yes, it does. It enables you to share your products in both Android and IOS mobile devices
What other tools does Mowico integrate with?
Technically, Mowico can be integrated with any third-party tools which are Google Analytics, Firebase, Facebook Analytics, Yandex Metrica, AppStore Analytics… Learn more about the entire tools that can be integrated Please contact with customer support regarding your integration requests.
What languages does Mowico support?
You can present your mobile application in any language you wish.
Which payment gateways does your Mowico Mobile App support?
Mowico apps can offer any payment option via 'hybrid checkout' feature. As Mowico, we provide a few payment options in default to our partners, such as; Paypal, Stripe, PayU, İyzico, etc. Learn more about the entire payment platforms Mowico support;
Can I start using Mowico immediately?
Yes you can. After you fill out our free trial form, you will receive a welcome e-mail asking you to set a password for your Mowico demo wizard account. Our customer support team will contact you. Also, you can watch the tutorial videos in your demo wizard account. In addition to this, you can follow the steps summarized in how it works link and for any further question you can contact with our specialised customer support.
Can I make changes on my Mowico Mobile App design after it goes live?/ Can I preview changes I have done on my live app?
Yes you can, once you publish your app, from the Mowico Wizard Panel, you can update/ make any changes on it.
How do I start a product import manually?
You can upload your products as a formatted CSV file from the Wizard panel during the integration step. If you do not have any CSV file, then you can download and upload our sample CSV in order to complete the integration stage.
How do I publish my mobile app?
Once you setup your Google Play store and Apple App store developer accounts, grant access to Mowico team to get your mobile app officially published. Do you need more details? Read this guide:
Do I need to give access to Mowico on App Stores?
Yes, due to App stores’ regulations Mowico needs access to publish your mobile app. We kindly request you to share access with us on App stores.
Can I login to my Mowico wizard account using my mobile device?
Yes, you can log in to Mowico wizard platform from your mobile phone and tablet. To engage easily with Mowico Wizard features, design components, and publish your mobile app well, we highly recommended you to keep your Mowico Wizard experience going on desktop or tablet.
Can I design my mobile app on my mobile device?
Yes, technically, you can design your mobile app from your mobile devices but we highly recommend you to use your pc to make this process more simple and easier.
Do Mowico mobile apps have push notifications and in-app messaging features?
Yes but, we do not showcase these features for our demo users at the moment. If you decide to purchase a Mowico license, we ask you to open a Google Firebase account where you can manage all of your push notifications and in-app messaging settings manually.
Can I monitor my own mobile app statistics?
Yes, it is possible. In the Manage section of Mowico wizard platform, you can connect your Google Analytics account for both IOS and Android before you proceed to the design section.
Is it possible to monetize my mobile app?
Yes, you can use various tools including Google AdMob to monetize your mobile app. Technically, Mowico can integrate with any third-party solution.
My e-commerce platform only allows native checkout. Do you have a feature which addresses this issue?
Yes, we do have a feature called 'hybrid checkout' that allows your customers to complete the necessary checkout actions just like your site with web view technology.
Do I need to upload my product data in Mowico, or my e-commerce platform is enough?
No, you do not need to upload your product data in Mowico platform. Mowico pulls all the product data directly from your e-commerce platform, so all we need to do is to complete API data integration in between both platforms.
My e-commerce platform is not provided on the wizard integration page. How am I supposed to complete my demo mobile app and test it?
We only have seamless data integration option for Shopify users. If your e-commerce platform is not Shopify, then you can choose to upload your Google Merchant File or Mowico's sample CSV file which is available to download on the same wizard page or your own product CSV file.
Can I change the design of mobile app components?
No, at this point, you can only use the components provided by default through the Mowico wizard platform. If you need to modify Mowico design components, please contact your account manager.
Is it free to open developer accounts for Apple Appstore and Google Play Store?
No, you need to have developer accounts to publish your app in Apple Appstore ($99/year) and Android Play Store ($25/one time).