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Customer satisfaction at its core to help you sell more

Use the power of exclusive m-commerce features to get to know your customers deeper and turn e-commerce shopping into fun. Add or remove any feature instantly with a single click for your m-commerce game to reach its full potential.

Loyalty Points

You don’t want to miss the chance to have 50% higher conversion rates. With the loyalty points feature, you play the customer retention game by its rules.

User profile settings

Your app users can set up a profile in your app so they feel more connected. You can use the customer profile data to offer a more personalised experience in the long run!

Multi-lingual support

E-commerce is global, and your app can be too. With Mowico, you can build Multi-lingual e-commerce apps.

Gift notes

Gifts are a big part of e-commerce, and with the gift note option, you can offer your customers an in-store gifting experience.

Product subscription

Some products are not one-timers. With product subscription, your customers can repeatedly offer the same products on a regular basis!

Push notifications and in-app messaging

One of the most effective ways to get your customers to come back to your store is to use push notifications. Keep them interested and coming back for more!


With a wishlist, your customers can create favourites lists and visit them later for further purchases.

Meta Fields

Adding meta fields for your products was never easier. If you are not yet enjoying the advantages of meta fields yet, you can start using it by dragging and dropping in the product detail step!

Custom HTML

Customize your mobile app experience by using HTML elements suits best for your brand. You can add custom HTML elements to your homepage, product listings and product detail pages.

Native checkout

Customers can make their purchases via in-device payment methods without leaving the app so they can have a more seamless experience.

Discount codes

You can make your customers feel more special with personalised discount codes that you can send via push notifications or social media channels.

Hybrid checkout

Your customers can begin the shopping journey on another device and easily complete it on their mobile devices, thanks to hybrid checkout.

User data

You can collect user data, such as phone numbers, emails, names and addresses to open new possibilities in mobile marketing.

Custom Category Layouts

You can drag and drop your categories easily & make your categories ready for your mobile commerce app in a couple of minutes!

Saved addresses

Your customers can save more than one address for their further acquisitions for a more convenient online shopping experience.

Gift coupons

Gift coupons are a proven way to increase customer retention. With your Mowico-made app, you can occasionally remind your customers about their coupons.

IOS & Android

You don’t have to build separate apps for iOS and Android. Mowico Wizard makes your app compatible for both operating systems. The moment you finish building your app, it’s ready to launch in stores.

Detailed order view

You can add details to orders to give your customers a more transparent experience with the detailed order view feature.


You can integrate your ecommerce app with leading subscription management service providers and turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers.

Customizable Features

Besides the core e-commerce features, Mowico also lets you leap into the future with customisable features. Have any ideas? Reach out to us, and let’s develop the next Mowico feature together.

Instagram Shopping

Social commerce is the future, and Mowico supports the Instagram marketplace, where your customers can discover your products on the social network and be directed to your app to complete a purchase.

AR Shopping

You can take full advantage of mobile devices by offering your customers the Augmented Reality shopping experience. With AR shopping, your customers can see your products in real life with 3D models.


You can offer your customers a native payment method that works like an e-wallet. This provides a more convenient payment experience while increasing your loyalty game in the best way possible.

Real-time Delivery Tracking

Customers demand for the ability to check their deliveries’ status, but doing it on a third-party logistics website doesn’t fit today’s standards. Mowico-made apps allow you to show your customers where their deliveries are in real-time.

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Comprehensive integration to ensure full alignment without managing any infrastructure

Complete inclusivity comes from the spirit of e-commerce. Unlike the rest, Mowico is designed to adapt to every platform, payment tool and need to make it easy to create seamless experiences both for you and your customers.

Mowico wizard platform

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Add any payment method you like

Mowico works with every payment provider you need. PayPal, Stripe, PayU, debit cards, credit cards, and more can be integrated into your application easily with Mowico Wizard’s extremely convenient customisation skills.

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Connect your social media

You can connect your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles to your Mowico-made e-commerce app to build a stronger social media presence.

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