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5 Key Signs It is Time to Build an App for Your eCommerce Business

When to build a mobile app for your eCommerce store

Written by: Mowico Team

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The increasing adoption of mobile apps by top online retailers, ranging from popular fashion brands to specialised stores, has left many online stores questioning the reasons behind this trend. Mowico, as a no-code eCommerce mobile app builder, recognises the concerns and challenges faced by eCommerce business owners.

If you are considering whether it is the right time for your brand to have a mobile app, here are five evident indicators suggesting the need for a mobile-first strategy to drive business growth and enhance revenue.

1. Returns on investments are not satisfying.

For eCommerce business owners, time and money are valuable. If you are running low on resources, spending too much on agencies and analysing data without clear results, it is time to rethink your approach. Look for a mobile app building platform that offers all-in-one solutions without extra costs. These platforms optimise the mobile experience based on proven success, saving you time and money.

Another common expense for eCommerce stores is SMS text platforms, which can bring in traffic but come with high costs. On the other hand, mobile app push notifications let you reach your customers without extra charges. Push notifications are highly visible, do not need to be opened to be seen, and can be personalised and targeted. The best part is, sending push notifications through a mobile app is free. When investing in a mobile-first strategy, expect reliable returns based on real data instead of guesswork or limited reach.

2. Customer retention is a challenge.

Keeping customers engaged and coming back is a big challenge for online stores. You might notice that many visitors only come once, spend little time on the website, buy very little, and do not return often. There are different reasons for this, but having a mobile app can help.

Mobile apps give users a better experience than mobile websites. The pages load quickly because everything is already downloaded. This is important because even a short delay in loading can make people leave, leading to fewer sales. Mobile apps also let you send push notifications directly to customers, reminding them to shop and bringing them back to your app. Actually, having a mobile app can increase the number of customer retention by 3 times. This means more people visiting, staying longer, buying more, and increasing your overall sales.

3. Conversions drop off during checkout.

eCommerce stores often struggle with a high number of abandoned carts, resulting in lost sales. The main reason for this is usually a complicated and inconvenient checkout process. When the checkout takes too long, has complex forms, requires password resets, or asks for too many payment details, customers tend to give up and leave. Additionally, slow-loading mobile pages also contribute to people leaving, as more than half of consumers will exit a page that takes more than three seconds to load.

Mobile apps offer a solution to these problems by providing a smooth and easy checkout experience. With a mobile app, customer information is securely stored, and different payment options are integrated, making it quick and effortless for customers to complete their purchases. On average, it only takes about five seconds to finish a checkout on a mobile app.

4. High mobile traffic but low mobile orders.

It can be frustrating when your online store gets a lot of visitors on mobile devices, has a growing social media following with high engagement, and emails that are opened often, but your mobile orders do not reflect this success. The main problem is usually the experience people have when using your website on their phones.

To increase mobile orders, your eCommerce stores need to offer something special and valuable to users. Mobile apps create controlled spaces where you can reward loyal customers with exclusive access, VIP benefits, or limited-time offers.

For new customers, mobile apps give them an instant invitation to join a close community. These opportunities are easily available in a mobile app, so the special offers for first-time buyers do not get lost in crowded email inboxes. Additionally, mobile apps make sure that the store loads quickly, making the overall shopping experience better for mobile users.

5. Excessive reliance on third-party entities.

Many eCommerce stores rely heavily on agencies, developers, integrations, and social media platforms to make money. However, depending too much on these external entities means giving up control over the success of your store. Recent events, like changes in platforms or unexpected situations, have shown that relying too much on third parties can greatly affect your earnings. To reduce this risk, it is important to prioritise self-reliance and have a main source of income that you can control.

A mobile app gives you your own channel that you have full control over. It provides reliable data that you own and helps you make money. Plus, it allows you to directly communicate with your customers through push notifications. By focusing on a mobile-first approach, you can rely less on external entities and take charge of the success of your business. Instead of depending on others, having a mobile app acts as a safety net, giving you the power to thrive no matter what happens externally.

Key Takeaways

If you are an eCommerce business owner who wants to build a mobile app without coding, Mowico has the perfect solution for you. Our platform lets you design and customise a mobile app without needing any coding skills. By focusing on a mobile-first strategy, you can grow your business, keep customers coming back, increase sales, and get a great return on your investment.

To learn more about Mowico and how we can help your eCommerce business, book your demo, and talk to our experts. It is free, and there is no obligation. We will lend you a hand to go mobile, so your business can reach new levels of success.

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