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9 WooCommerce Plugins to Skyrocket Your eCommerce Performance

Written by: Mowico Team

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8 WooCommerce Plugins to Skyrocket Your eCommerce Performance

Given the increasing amount of mobile usage, it is evident that WooCommerce is experiencing growth and gaining popularity more and more. It’s time for your eCommerce business to fully embrace mobile and shift away from relying solely on your web presence. As an open-source platform simplifying online selling at its best, WooCommerce offers a great chance for your business to swiftly receive orders and establish a sophisticated online presence via building a professional website. We want to highlight the fact that there are many great WooCommerce features which will strengthen your eCommerce performance.


At this point, depending on the fact that WooCommerce has been on the rise lately, as well as mobile usage around the world, you can convert your WooCommerce store into Android and iOS apps. By having a mobile e-commerce app, you can increase your sales and customer base. If you have made up your mind about building a WooCommerce mobile app for your business, there are some essential steps that you should take towards this mission. When you start building it, it is essential for you to consider some WooCommerce add-ons which will support your journey.


Here are some highlight WooCommerce plugins to consider if you plan to skyrocket your eCommerce performance during this journey!


If you’re looking to send impactful push notifications to promote your business as well as to share your campaigns, discounts or similar announcements to your target audience, this is the top-notch plugin available in the market. It’s user-friendly, and sending notifications can be done in just a matter of minutes. PushEngage also offers some powerful features like segmentation, triggered notifications, automatic drip campaigns, offline messaging and A/B testing. The plugin has a free version that comes with restricted features; however, if you require more than what the free version offers, you can explore the paid versions.

WooCommerce Multilingual

If your business targets international customers, then the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin is an ideal solution for you. It allows you to add multiple currencies to your e-commerce platform, which makes it quite easier for your customers to shop with ease. What’s more is that you will have a chance to add translation options manually, which come with translation reviews and multilingual SEO optimisations. WooCommerce Multilingual can be easily managed due to its user-friendly translation editor interface. As with the other plugins, there are free and premium alternatives, so it’s better for you to check what they offer and decide afterwards.


ShopEngine has gained prominence thanks to its impressive features, such as 13+ modules, 65+ widgets, templates, and tons of other things. Some of these modules are things like Quick Checkout, Product Comparison, Sales Notification and Flash Sale Countdown. If you want to try them out, you can include them on your WooCommerce page once you’ve installed the plugin. Additionally, it is highly recommended that you try the drag-and-drop widget, as it provides a much simpler way to customise your page.

All-in-One SEO (AIOSEO)

To reach your target audience effectively, it’s crucial to use appropriate keywords which highlight the importance of SEO for your eCommerce business. With its main features like On-page analysis, Local SEO, WooCommerce SEO and more, All-in-One SEO is a great way to carry out this strategy which will help your visibility to improve on popular search engines on the internet. Implementing the correct SEO strategy and following the best practices can result in high-quality content and increased organic traffic to your business for sure. Don’t forget to choose your plan depending on your specific business needs.


If you want to forward people to your eCommerce platform from social media, RafflePress is the perfect fit for you. To accomplish this, you may want to run a giveaway content – which is a great way to increase social followers. Known as the best plugin for carrying out giveaways, RafflePress helps your eCommerce business interact with individuals participating in the contest, which can lead to greater reach and an increase in the number of followers in the end. It is also designed to protect you from spamming and hazardous entries by putting social verification.

Monster Insights

Data is everything! Having access to your eCommerce performance can help you reach your goals faster. Monster Insights is the perfect plugin for you to track important things like conversion rate, revenue, transactions and more. Besides, it gives you the opportunity to receive the data in real-time by tracking the movements of your users as well as by tracking affiliate links and ad clicks. You can also test your content and products with A/B testing with this plugin. It’s essential to check all the available pricing plans of this plugin to ensure that you select the one that best meets your requirements.

Advanced Coupons

We all know that customers love discounts and coupon codes! Offering special opportunities to them is a key element for customer satisfaction. If you plan to share some coupon codes with your clients from time to time so as to increase your online sales, Advanced Coupons is the perfect plugin that you should try. With Advanced Coupons, you can optimise the WooCommerce coupon options in a more effortless manner. You can also schedule your coupons or auto-apply them with them. Try this plugin to drive sales and increase loyalty among your clients, you will not regret it!

WooCommerce Menu Cart

This plugin is compatible with various eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce. It is focused on adding a shopping cart button to be placed on the main menu. A plugin like this is created because certain designs or themes on WordPress do not have this capability available. If you use this plugin, the button to be added to your platform will be easily adapted, thanks to the nature of WooCommerce. As a bonus, you can also add a PayPal button if you wish. However, it is not quite recommended to put only the PayPal button on the platform.

Mowico - Mobile App Builder

If you run a business whose field is based on eCommerce, it’s inevitable that you’ll become increasingly reliant on mobile devices within time. Business owners who prefer mobile commerce and mobile applications gain a more omnichannel customer experience which will result in 3x more conversions, in another way, higher sales. 


Mowico WooCommerce mobile app builder is an ideal solution for transforming your WooCommerce store into a fully-functional mobile app. You can benefit from this no-code app builder with a simple subscription plan! When you start using it, it will just take you a couple of hours to build the perfect mobile eCommerce app, depending on your business needs.


Is your WooCommerce-based website ready to take another step towards a more mobile world? Today is the day you give Mowico a try and have the opportunity to carry your eCommerce business to another level! Consider using Mowico now for your business to expand and enhance your customers’ omnichannel experience.

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