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3 Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonments in Your eCommerce

Written by: Mowico Team

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Did you know that according to Baymard, 70% of visitors leave their carts before making a purchase? They visit your eCommerce store, place some items in their carts, and leave your store without buying. Users often face various obstacles when making an online purchase. Hidden taxes, delivery costs, long payment steps are some of these obstacles. It is crucial to optimize your eCommerce store in the simplest way possible to reduce cart abandonments.

The bitter truth is that cart abandonment will always be a part of your day. Even if your store is perfect. In all fairness to the eCommerce industry, some portion of cart abandonments occurs simply as a natural consequence of how users browse eCommerce stores. The users might have been doing a price comparison, window shopping, or exploring gift options. These reasons are mainly unavoidable cart abandonments. Nevertheless, it is up to you to reduce cart abandonments greatly by focusing on some simple methods. In this blog, we will demonstrate the best practices to reduce cart abandonments in eCommerce.


How to reduce cart abandonments?



Retargeting Ads

Targeting specific users is a basic but effective practice to increase your sales. Instead of aimlessly sending your messages to the public at large, it makes certainly more sense to focus on the specific users. Retargeting ads may help you to boost your abandoned cart recovery by presenting users with the exact items that they have abandoned. Furthermore, retargeting ads are 76% more likely to be clicked than standard display ads, according to Wordstream. By simply using Facebook Pixel or Google RSLA, you can display each unique user the exact item they have abandoned.


Omnichannel Approach

Once you are setting up your marketing strategy, it is vital to include multiple channels. Even though sending an email is still a useful channel for re-engagement, it is no longer solely sufficient. The multichannel approach ensures eCommerce business owners that their messages are delivered through various channels. Furthermore; to optimize your abandoned cart recovery, you need to convince your users by using different channels. These channels can include anything from Facebook messages to email to SMS messages, and each of them will perform differently. For instance, you can get an average of 34% open rate in emails, 58% for text messages, and 90% for Push Notifications. Please keep in mind that when communicating from multiple channels; you need to provide consistency in your tone of voice.


Push Notifications

Even if using push notifications was mentioned in the previous part, it is so important that it also deserves a separate paragraph. Push notifications have the highest open rate*. Push notifications are the fastest way to get the attention of customers who have added items to their carts but failed to complete purchases. Customers can be taken to the checkout page or a personalized card encouraging them to complete their purchase. Only by clicking one notification. Furthermore, push notifications to allow you to establish a direct and personal communication channel in a quick, simple, and inexpensive way. Of course, the more personal it is, the more effective it will be. In Mowico, we enable our customers to send push notifications with any third-party tool they like.



Abandoned shopping carts in eCommerce are one of the biggest problems that you may face these days. Despite your best-laid plans to reduce cart abandonment, some percentage of customers will always leave your store before making a purchase. It’s unavoidable. One thing is clear: keeping in touch with customers in every possible way is key to reducing your churns. At this point, having a mobile application shines in the dust as it enables eCommerce owners to reach their customers at every location and time. If you like to learn more about how we can help you to reduce cart abandonment, we are always here to talk.

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