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7 Advantages of Developing a Shopify Mobile App for eCommerce

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7 Benefits Of Developing A Shopify Mobile App For eCommerce

One of the essentials to help a company advance toward success is a straightforward, mobile-friendly solution. As our mobile screen times are increasing every day, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to suggest that conversions from mobile applications are almost three times higher than conversions from mobile websites. And if you’re in eCommerce, that’s no exception. As the most popular eCommerce service provider, Shopify, can bring wonders on the mobile front, too. 


Shopify apps provide eCommerce businesses with a wide range of advantages. They give you the ability to include various features and functions that improve the customer experience. Let’s dive into the benefits of Shopify mobile apps for eCommerce businesses. Don’t worry; we’ll give you quick tips on developing your own Shopify mobile app in the end!

Mobile Apps Bring More Sales

Instead of developing a distinct mobile e-commerce app, you may believe that a mobile site will suffice to generate revenue from mobile visitors. It’s important to keep in mind that eCommerce software with an easy and highly useful design can aid online companies in increasing their sales. Push alerts and a variety of payment methods are optional eCommerce app features that can increase your sales.


Customers can be reminded about things they still have in their shopping carts, be informed when an item has been restocked, and more by turning on push notifications. Additionally, having a variety of payment alternatives facilitates a simple & seamless checkout process. The option to pay with a credit card, through a service like PayPal, or possibly with a purchase now, pay later option give clients some further options.

Mobile eCommerce Apps Help Complete the Shopper Journey

Customers that are on-trend expect a unified and personalised experience from businesses at every turn. Furthermore, this would not be possible if you only used websites as a channel for communicating with your customers. Choose mobile apps if you want your clients to make repeat purchases from you. Using the mobile app, a user can easily and swiftly complete their purchase after beginning it on the web.

Better Customer Engagement

Customers can interact with your company & its items as soon as they download your personalised Shopify platform-based mobile app. Shopify is a simple platform that is quick and easy to set up and use. The platform itself offers the necessary software and infrastructure for the website’s deployment. Both the admin interface and the user interface are aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

For instance, push notifications are a simple method to entice users back to your app, especially if you use them to promote bargains or special discounts. It won’t be enough to just connect the buyers to make money. Users of the app need to have a seamless browsing experience. For this, a tool with lightning-fast browsing is necessary.

Easier Customer Retention

Customers can connect with your brand & its items as soon as they download your mobile app built on the Shopify platform. If your Shopify mobile app satisfies their demands, it’s very probable that they will continue with it and tell their coworkers, friends, and family about it. Your company will be able to reach a larger audience, as a result, increasing sales and brand recognition. As a result, creating and releasing a customised mobile app for your Shopify store will enable your eCommerce firm to reach a larger audience, deliver an outstanding customer experience, and maximise potential leads and sales.

Since customers can download the your eCommerce app on their smartphones and use it to make repeat purchases, customer retention increases significantly. Additionally, you can still draw people in even if they don’t show up by running a focused notification campaign.

Higher Brand Awareness

Increased brand visibility is one of the main benefits of developing mobile eCommerce applications. It is also mobile commerce’s greatest benefit. Given that the majority of consumers spend a lot of time on their mobile devices, firms may easily engage with their customers through a mobile eCommerce platform. Your logo is also used in mobile apps to attract your target audience. In other words, Shopify mobile apps try to make your logo recognisable to your customers by displaying it on their feeds or adverts, boosting the likelihood that they will make a purchase. Apps progressively expand your customer base rather than immediately. Therefore, if you can deliver quality goods and gratifying services, it will raise brand awareness.

Mobile Apps are the Perfect Place for Impulse Shoppers

While using the app, buyers must have a good browsing experience. For this, a tool with lightning-fast browsing is necessary. When users must wait longer than three seconds to continue surfing, they frequently exit an app. Running an eCommerce store requires the capacity to take payments from customers. Shopify includes a built-in payment gateway called Shopify allows businesses to accept all of the most popular payment options, including debit and credit cards. This will save you money while using your credit card because there are no transaction fees involved. 


It is obvious that Shopify users prefer mobile apps rather than desktops or laptops. You run the risk of losing a significant portion of your customer base to competitors if you don’t create a Shopify mobile app. Considering things like a quicker checkout and e-commerce experience will be important to them. So developing a mobile app is crucial for both brand growth and customer retention. To stand out in the clamour of the market, you need a distinctive voice, like a Shopify mobile app.

Here’s Your Shopify App Builder — No Coding Required!

If you’re looking for the best Shopify mobile app builder, Mowico is a no-brainer! Mowico is an eCommerce platform that enables businesses to create native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices with specific components, options, and functionalities using a drag-and-drop interface to ease internet shopping, payment processing, and checkout, among other operations. It enables customers to share product information with broader audiences in order to increase outreach.


  • Companies can use Mowico to incorporate push notifications in mobile apps to publicise promotions and recover shopping cart abandonment in order to improve sales performance. Managers can use geofencing to offer loyalty points, advertise shop locations for convenient pick-up, and build focused advertising for customers.


  • Mowico enables businesses to accept payments by credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, as well as other platforms while also improving shopping experiences by offering buyers with 3D product representations in augmented reality. Retailers can also enable or deactivate dashboard functionalities and communicate with customers via segmentation and customisable notifications.


  • Mowico allows businesses to release mobile apps on the App Store or Google Play, and it enables clients to categorise products & manage their profiles based on their needs. The platform also allows for connectivity with a variety of third-party systems, including Shopify, Magento, Stripe, Firebase, and others.

Detailed integration to guarantee complete alignment without having to manage any infrastructure

The ethos of e-commerce inspires complete inclusivity. Unlike the competition, Mowico is made to adapt to any platform, payment method, or requirement, making it simple to construct seamless experiences for both you and your clients.

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