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Boost your Shopify Store’s Success with these Marketing Tips and Tricks

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How To Market Your Shopify Store

Boost Your Shopify Store’s Success with These Marketing Tips and Tricks

How to Market Your Shopify Store

With more than 5.6 million online shops, Shopify is the king of eCommerce platforms, and if your eCommerce platform is based on Shopify, you’re in safe hands. You spent time designing and setting up your lovely Shopify store in light of this information, but regrettably, it won’t draw customers on its own. You might wonder how to market your Shopify store. The products you sell, your marketing budget, and your free time will all affect your Shopify store marketing. However, due to the wide range of digital marketing strategies and tools accessible, there is an option for everyone. Let’s get right to the things you can do for marketing Shopify stores.

First Things First: Make Your Shopify Store Visible

The visibility of your Shopify store is crucial for attracting potential customers and growing your business. Maximising visibility can lead to increased sales and success. Here are some simple ways to make your Shopify Store visible.

Utilising SEO to ensure your store shows up in relevant search results

There are a huge variety of digital advertising formats, channels, and techniques to choose from. The foundations of paid search include a target market, a pertinent SEO term, and a product to emphasise, with Google Ads being the most popular paid search platform.


A specific product or landing page might have money invested in it, and you can bid on targeted keywords that you want this page to show up for. When someone performs a Google search using the selected keyword or phrase, your advertisement will appear if your bid is the highest. Paid advertising requires a larger commitment than other Shopify store marketing strategies, but the effects are rapid, and you will witness a spike in relevant website traffic.

Create backlinks to your store from other websites

Another thing you can do for Shopify store marketing is to create backlinks to your store from other websites. When used appropriately, this method is quite powerful. Say you deal in accessories for women. Reach out to a digital store that offers women’s accessories (such as rings, necklaces, or earrings) to see if they’d be willing to include a link to their website. Pay it forward for them and profit from greater search rankings.

Use social media to promote your store

One of the best ways to advertise your Shopify store is on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. You can reach and interact with your target clients using social media thanks to its widespread use by billions of people. Using social media to market your Shopify store is a crucial step.

Leverage influencer marketing

There are occasions when you don’t need to get reviews for your product or create a guest post. A straightforward mention on Instagram may significantly impact when you find the appropriate fit for your brand. The proper mention or fashionable image can generate a ton of sales, especially for clothing companies.


Use an outreach effort to get in touch with Instagram influencers, whether or not they own blogs, and set up sponsored posts. Find Instagram users that have followers who would be interested in your product and approach them about featuring it in a snap. In order for them to tag you, make sure your Instagram account is active.

4 Tips Grow Your Customer Base on Shopify

Attracting and retaining customers is crucial for the success of any business, and this is especially true for those operating on Shopify. Your customer base is the lifeblood of your business, and it is important to continuously work to grow and nurture it. Here are four tips and strategies for increasing your customer base on Shopify.

Create email campaigns

As a small business, e-marketing is a fantastic way to draw in and keep consumers. On your social media accounts or e-commerce site, you can invite potential customers to subscribe to your email list. In order to develop a relationship with your customers and boost sales, you can offer them specials, information about new products, or content once they’ve opted in.  To send the messages on your behalf, you can construct automated email marketing campaigns. Owners of small businesses who don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on advertising would greatly benefit from it.

Offer discounts and promotions

Make automatic discounts and coupon codes that offer a fixed or percentage off or free shipping. Combining discounts will make your clients’ offers even more alluring. A discount can be applied to the entire order, a specific product, a collection, or both. Establish, plan, and establish minimum standards for all discount kinds, including time-limited deals.

Setting up an affiliate program

Due to the growth of eCommerce, more individuals are now shopping online from a variety of businesses. Additionally, it produced a brand-new army of online buyers. These new consumers depend on affiliates to direct them toward purchases, according to research from Awin’s 2021 affiliate marketing report. One in four consumers who were first-time brand buyers made purchases through affiliate links at the beginning of 2020.

Use social media & social commerce

Wherever your consumers and target audience are currently consuming content, social media marketing may help you create engaged communities. Another possibility is that it will take up a lot of your time and spread you too thin, making it a burden rather than the advantage that many well-known companies have made it out to be.

A social media marketing plan provides you with a comprehensive overview of your social media marketing objectives and the most effective means of achieving them. Brands are still riding the social media marketing wave, and 73% of marketers say their efforts have had a “somewhat” or “very” positive impact on their company. Social media gives firms access to affordable marketing, whether it is TikTok commercials or influencer marketing.

Optimise Your Online Presence

Let’s explore various ways to improve the visibility and success of your online store. One key aspect of optimising your online presence is the effective marketing of your Shopify store.

Utilise web analytics to track user behaviour on your website

E-commerce analytics is the most effective strategy for business expansion out of all the options. Data analytics is the basis for decisions made by about three out of every four marketing executives. However, most businesses still lack access to quantifiable measures that may demonstrate the effectiveness of their marketing investments.


The tendency is driven by a lack of analytic data knowledge. Although almost half of the marketers’ teams have substandard skill sets, 66% of them feel that eCommerce analytics are vital.

Examine customer feedback to improve the customer experience

Analysing and gathering feedback from customers can be quite beneficial to improve the customer experience.  Customer feedback is the data a company gathers from customers regarding their interactions with services or goods.


Many organisations find that getting client feedback can be a difficult challenge. This is because the majority of consumers could be hesitant to participate in surveys or reviews. Most clients are extremely busy, and many won’t waste time criticising the shortcomings of your product or service. Others could be sceptical of the questions you are asking and feel uneasy answering them honestly.

Streamline the checkout process

A quick, simple, and flawless checkout process lowers brand drop-offs and boosts conversion rates. Once the customer has made up their mind to give you their money, your goal is to get them through the process as rapidly as you can, with the fewest potential pauses that would cause them to change their mind. Here are some strategies to begin reducing the number of clicks necessary for a customer to finish making a transaction.

No Way to Go Without Mobile: Make a Mobile App for Your Store

The market for mobile eCommerce is anticipated to account for 41.6% of all online purchases by the end of 2022 & 44% by 2025, gradually balancing the ratio of mobile to eCommerce. You can quickly convert your Shopify store into a fully functional, user-friendly mobile app using the Mowico no-code mobile app builder. Furthermore, since we built the platform for the convenience of small and medium-sized businesses, you don’t need any prior experience in coding.


With Mowico, building a Shopify mobile app takes minutes! Make e-commerce buying enjoyable by utilising the power of unique m-commerce features to learn more about your customers. Your m-commerce game can be fully optimised by adding or removing any feature instantaneously with a single click. With Mowico, you’ll be able to communicate with your clients via push notifications, expand your client base with a number of payment choices, create targeted advertising campaigns utilising geofence tracking technology, and raise rates of customer retention with loyalty programs all because of the app you created. You get access to every element of a mobile app you need with Mowico. The best part: Mowico is free to try! Visit our website for additional information or to start building your app.


Our objective is to provide the simplest and most efficient path to mobile success for any type of eCcommerce firm. We are aware that developing a mobile app may be time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating. But with our knowledge and skills, making a beautiful app will be simpler than ever.

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