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E-Commerce Remarketing Tips & Tricks to Build a Perfect Audience

Written by: Mowico Team

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Every little thing in our lives is going through a phase of digital transformation. Shopping was one of the pioneers of this digital revolution, and e-commerce is looking like it will only expand from now on. In 2020, 18% of total global retail sales were conducted through an e-commerce platform; in 2023, the e-commerce share in total global retails expected to reach 22%1 While this means an extending customer base for e-commerce, it also means a heating competition between online retailers. When the number of online buyers increases, e-commerce businesses will follow. In a market full of online sellers and similar products, one needs to pay attention to effective marketing strategies in order to turn confused visitors of your online shop into regular customers, and in e-commerce, remarketing seems to be one of the best working ways.

When thinking about e-commerce marketing, one of the first things that come to mind are the relevant ads that start to pop up on nearly every website you visit after searching for a specific product or service. And that’s what remarketing is, basically, a marketing strategy that focuses on customers already exposed to your product or service. Why it matters is a whole other subject; since the abundance of options easily cause potential customers to go to other retailers in online shopping, converting those potential buyers into customers is crucial for your business if you want to have a competitive advantage. And remarketing is one of the most effective strategies in making your websites’ visitors return to your shop to buy your products. Here are our tips on remarketing for achieving the perfect audience for your business.

Set clear goals for your strategy

While marketing your products, different strategies lead to different outcomes. Some may affect your e-commerce sales, while others may directly increase your e-commerce website activity. Or, with the right approach, you can improve your customer retention. But since ‘All of the above is not an option in marketing, deciding on your goals and setting achievable expectations can help you massively in creating an effective strategy. 

Offer persuasive incentives

After a potential buyer leaves your website without making a purchase, it’s your time to examine what they were looking for in your website and find ways how you can bring them back to your shop. For the former, your website’s cookies help you track your users’ behaviors in your shop. And for the latter, you need unique offers and discounts to lure customers back into your shop. Because, even though you use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, or any other advertising platform to expose your customers to your shop even after they leave; retention will not increase to desired levels without giving your potential customers a real reason to return. A customer that has left your shop after visiting your website or app is likely to know about your current deals and discounts. But if you note that the deal they see at the moment is exclusive for them if they click on the ad, you will experience a direct increase in your conversion rate. 

Also, you can offer exclusive deals for regular customers or regular visitors to your shop to improve your employee retention without having to earn your customers back from scratch. For example, you can give minor discounts like 10%, 5% just for those who regularly come back to your online store even if they don’t necessarily buy anything. Since exposure is one of the first sources of persuasion, people using your online store are the ones that are most likely to become loyal customers. 

Focus on customer engagement

Another thing you may want to focus on is to keep in touch with your possible and existing customers during your remarketing process. And there are certain customer types that you should pay attention to if you are looking forward to increasing your sales. One of them is potential customers that have added items to their shopping cart on your website but left without purchasing them. The other customer type you need to consider is your existing customers that have already made purchases from your store. By reaching out to these customers to notify them about their shopping cart or offer unique deals regarding their past purchases, you can make them take action and increase your sales numbers eventually. For these notifications, you can use push notifications as well as text messages, e-mails, or in-app notifications. One of the most common and effective ways to engage with your customers by sending them push notifications from your application. It helps you instantly connect your customers and inform them about your deals, offers, etc. 

Segment your customers

Like different marketing strategies leading to different outcomes, various types of customers also respond differently to your marketing practices. Some age groups may be prone to be persuaded by a push notification, while others may require an e-mail to notify the deals going on at the moment. Age is not the only variable, too. Gender differences, interests, economical situations, etc. All these features create different outcomes when it comes to applying your marketing strategies. So, behaving your website user base as a unified crowd will not help your case, especially if you are selling various types of products in your online shop. But you can divide your customer base according to their product preferences, for example, and inform them only about the relevant product to directly increase the success of your ads and your remarketing campaign as a whole.

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