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How Can Native Apps Improve Mobile Conversions of an E-Commerce Store?

Written by: Mowico Team

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60% of the e-commerce traffic comes from mobile, but still, merely 16% of the overall conversion is from mobile. This is not merely a gap; the 44% is an e-commerce company’s missed revenue opportunities. One of the main reasons behind is the lack of responsiveness; thus customer experience. Consumer behavior is different on mobile than on the web. Therefore, the solution should be able to align with the behavior to encourage the desired activities.


How Does User Behavior Differ On Mobile?

When people are using a mobile app, they are even more impatient with load speed. Over half of the users will close the mobile site if it takes more than three seconds to launch. This is a huge problem because many mobile apps have loading speed that goes above this threshold. Evidently, there is a dire need for speed in the mobile e-commerce industry.

An e-commerce mobile app needs to come up with a solution to launch and work with utmost speed and efficiency. And, a Native App is an excellent solution for e-commerce companies who are looking to increase their mobile conversions.


Why E-commerce Businesses Need Native Apps?

With the kind of competition the e-commerce industry deals with, it is not enough to be merely accessible with mobile apps. Instead, the companies need to provide a native platform to maximize the customer experience. There are a plethora of reasons why a mobile app builder for e-commerce needs a native app. And below are some prominent ones:


●     Possibility of Instant Performance

Users are always looking for more speed, particularly with constantly increasing mobile usage. The slow loading speed of the mobile site is one of the main reasons that affect the conversion. The faster your mobile site works, the more efficient it will perform. However, today many websites have a load speed that goes above 10 seconds on faster networks.

Native apps are designed for a fast and seamless user experience. By leveraging advanced technology, they offer much faster page loading. Additionally, these apps can load a page in merely one second, extending an instant performance. This will allow the users to engage with the mobile site more and increases the probability of conversion.


●     More Efficient Mobile Customer Experience

The traffic generated from mobile apps is significantly greater than from desktop. E-commerce companies need to accept reality and modify their approach. An e-commerce app builder must focus on extending exceptional mobile experiences to keep modern users engaged. And when it comes to providing an excellent customer experience, native apps always deliver. A native app offers exceptional customer experience on mobile by:

  • Boosting the speed
  • Increasing user experience
  • Personalization
  • Push notifications
  • Compatibility with Omni-device
  • Voice and image search
  • Home screen icon
  • Compatibility with various devices like location, camera, gyroscope, etc.
  • And certainly, Limitless Customization


●     Constant Innovation and Delivery

Many e-commerce companies have an omnichannel, and they are focusing on a multiplatform strategy for promoting their various systems like websites, android app, and iOS app. Designing, optimizing, and managing a website is a resource-intensive task as it is. And, when you also have to deal with creating a native app from scratch, you have to make a significant investment. And the cost does not merely include designing an app; needs; you also need money to maintain, monitor, and improve it.

With Mowico’s E-Commerce Native App Builder, you only have to focus on designing the app by dragging and dropping. Subsequently, this will certainly reduce the cost in a lot of areas.

Moreover, e-commerce companies only need to target their marketing on a single platform. This saves resources, efforts, and time while providing great capability and user experience to the customers across different channels.


●     Improved Conversion Rates

When mobile sites offer an excellent user experience, it reflects on the conversion rate. Without the lags and inefficiencies, customers can achieve their mobile shopping goals. This will, in turn, help e-commerce businesses to achieve their business objectives. Native Apps are capable of providing greater experience in every aspect of mobile e-commerce.


Final Thoughts

With a majority of people carrying smartphones today, e-commerce shopping has shifted more towards mobile. An e-commerce company has no choice but to be in alignment with the new approaches. Instant loading speed, high user experience, better customer experience, instant information accessibility, etc., are the need of the customers. A native app is able to provide e-commerce companies with all these features and allow them to generate a higher conversion rate.

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