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How to Ace eCommerce Email Marketing?

Written by: Mowico Team

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Despite the rise in popularity of push notifications and social media in eCommerce, email marketing still remains one of the most important marketing ways for eCommerce companies to interact with customers, and engage with prospects. As a matter of fact, a research from Amperity shows that marketing communications done by email accounts for 7% of all user acquisition in eCommerce. In order to ace eCommerce email marketing to capture and nurture more leads in your sales funnel, convert prospects into customers, and increase your sales; you may like to have a closer look at the things we have stated below.


Judge a book by its cover

Your customers probably will judge your emails by their subjects; and if the subject is not attractive enough, it will simply go away with all other emails. Email subject lines are literally on the front lines of your eCommerce marketing efforts. Depending on how you write them, they will be either the first or the last thing your customers will see. You need to spend some time and work on ensuring that your emails are personalized and targeted to the needs and desires of the customers who will be receiving your email.


Consider all devices 

According to Hubspot, 46% of emails are now being opened on a mobile device while iPhone is the most popular mobile medium for reading emails with 29%. Apparently this number will keep rising, making it vital for eCommerce merchants to incorporate responsive design into their email marketing strategies. A research from Experian shows that responsive design results in an increase of up to 18% in transaction rates, and 63% in CTR rates. Thus, regardless of the size of your eCommerce store, it is vital to provide responsive design to adapt all the devices in order not to lose any customers.


Be relevant

Some communications or promotions will certainly not resonate with all of your customers. A complete eCommerce email marketing should begin with segmentation. For instance, if a merchant sells both male and female accessories, promoting an email campaign for a discount on women’s watches would alienate 50% of your customers. Or worse, men who would open your campaign email may think that your promotions actually are not meant for them so they will stop opening your emails altogether, or simply unsubscribe. For instance, a research from Mailchimp reveals that sending segmented, promotional emails to specific list segments increased open rates by 14%, and improved click-through-rates by 15%.


Leverage your data

As we stated in our previous blogs, leveraging your data such as collecting abandoned cart metrics is one of the most crucial ways to use it in email marketing. It is possible to create personalized email campaigns for such users in order to convince them to purchase. With a well-structured communication plan, you may add your customers who did not return and make purchases after your first reminder into lead nurturing campaigns to keep them in your sales funnel.



We often try to demonstrate the importance of personalization in all of your blogs, personalizing emails is one of the most convenient and effective ways to get your prospects and customers attention. If you do not stand out and show your difference, your email is likely to get skipped over with so many email overloading your customers’ inboxes every day. Aberdeen Group research shows that personalization improves CTR by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.


Don’t underestimate the power of CTAs

After spending so much time, money, and effort on email campaigns, more than a few eCommerce companies fail to implement a solid CTA in their emails, which in the end may defeat all the purpose of their emails. Though multiple CTAs may quickly frustrate a reader in seconds while they are checking your email, a single not-well-written CTA may also hurt your chances into getting clicks. Thus you might have a single chance for convincing your customers into clicking, choose your words wisely.


Without a doubt…

Email has been a big part of our lives as individuals, professionals, and customers. How many people do you know without an email address now? Probably no more than the fingers of one hand, only one. As of 2019, a study of Radicati Group shows that more than 50% of the world’s population is using emails. Moreover, it is expected to increase up to more than 62% by 2023. These numbers demonstrate a great opportunity for eCommerce companies to reach their target market, and engage with their prospects, or customers. If you like to speak more about marketing opportunities for your eCommerce business and how a native mobile app would provide a holistic approach to your strategy, we would be more than happy to chat with you.

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