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How to decide which no code app builder is for you

Written by: Mowico Team

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“There’s an app for that.” This simple phrase entered the mainstream through advertising, and for a little while was a surprising/ironic phrase to describe the beginning of the app revolution. But now it’s fallen out of use because we all assume that there genuinely is an app for just about everything under the sun these days. 

And along with that, what this means is that every consumer expects there to be an app for each product they use, meaning that each business needs to figure out how to build an ios or android native app for the product or service that they offer. 

The problem is that when you build an app, it’s got to be suitable both for ios/android and also for web – and it’s got to be seamlessly integrated with the overall customer experience. In other words, the app has to be perfect, and traditionally that has been time-consuming and expensive. 

Now, app-building software has progressed to the point where businesses are learning how to build an app for free – or at least for simply the cost of the platform rather than a team of developers. These are called no code builders.


Benefits of No Code App Builders

We discussed these more extensively in another article, but what’s really impressive is the degree to which they’ve improved in recent years. The ability to build an entire app using drag and drop is fairly obvious, in particular how much faster and cheaper it can be. But in the early models of app-building software, this could mean that complex app were impossible. Now, no code app builders can handle the complexities of modern app building as well, all without the use of code. This means that any layman or businessman can come up with an idea for an app and put it to fruition without coding expertise, a game-changer for many businesses, particularly those entering the congested world of e-commerce. So how to enter this Mobile E-Commerce app building world exactly with a no-code app builder?


But which No Code App Builder is the best?

Trick question! It all depends. Once they’ve realized that no code app building makes your app so much easier to put to market, most people look to the ever-growing range of no-code app builders and wonder which is the best. Well, it turns out that it really depends on what kind of app you’re looking to build. 

The first thing you need to consider is what kind of app you’d like. Specifically, are you trying to build a comparatively simple app, or a comparatively complex one? As previously mentioned, there was once a time when the answer to this question meant you either use app-building software or you don’t. But now it really does mean the difference between the kind of no-code app builder you use. 

When we say “complex,” what we really mean is how much you plan to control each feature, and how many of them are completely unique to your case, industry, or target audience. For instance, if you’re planning on building an app that operates as a simple survey – even if it’s one that responds differently to different answers – you’ll still be essentially dragging and dropping from all the components available to you. If you’re planning on building an entire app builder yourself where consumers can create their OWN surveys from scratch, then probably you’d need app-building software capable of more complex features.


Importance of Business and Experience Partners of No Code Builders

As you’ve guessed already, as apps get more complex, the time it takes to use them properly and build the perfect app gets more time-consuming as well. That’s why it’s critical to work with experienced no code builders who are familiar with the problems that arise once you move beyond simple templates or components. Another thing experience can teach is shortcuts. For instance, most businesses these days want to build comparatively complex apps to reach all their target audience. However, that doesn’t mean that every feature within that app is complex. Experienced no code builders are capable of integrating 3rd party services into the core of the app to save time, so it’s critical that you have a no code builder that can handle both simple and complex processes.


Deciding Which Features you Need

Below are a list of features you’ll need to think about whether you need before deciding on which no code builder is right for you

  • Do you need a wide array of design customization options?
  • Do you need 24/7 chat and tech support?
  • Do you want a paid subscription model which comes with more options?
  • Do you want faster/simpler/easier but with fewer options?
  • How important is price?
  • Will you require a refund policy?
  • Does it integrate with the e-commerce platform you already use? 
  • Does it integrate with the payment systems or mobile app analytics tools you use? 
  • Is there a desktop development environment or is it strictly mobile?


Final note

One last note – app builders that are capable of dealing with more complex processes are themselves, by definition, more complex. That can mean that they take more time for you personally to learn how to use them and optimize your app, which is something that you need to make sure you incorporate into your time expectations.


Key Takeaways

All these features aside, if you are looking for a simple, functional app then it’s hard to go wrong with whatever you choose. But the more features, the more complexity, and the more specific design issues you want to incorporate, the more important picking the right builder becomes. The newest no code native app builders are capable of meeting just about all your app building needs these days, but as a result, there are more options than ever before. You need to pick an app builder that can handle the level of complexity you’re looking for. But whatever you choose, modern no code app builders are always cheaper and faster (and easier) than hiring an army of developers to code one from scratch and is unquestionably the way of the future.



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