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How to Increase your E-Commerce Sales?

Written by: Mowico Team

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Whether you are a new business or have been in the picture for a long time, getting more sales is always a dilemma, particularly when you own a retail business. With the advent of the internet, things have changed for both buyers and sellers. While previously, people preferred going to the malls and stores to get the stuff they wanted, online shopping has become a norm today.

Today, people prefer shopping from the comfort of their homes while on the toilet, on the couch watching a movie, or in between work. Things have got a lot practical these days. Seeing this, more and more brick-and-mortar stores have started an online platform. And many businesses don’t even have a physical store or address. All the operations are performed online. As an e-commerce store owner, it can be really intimidating to experience the online rush.

Customers have a lot of options. If they can’t find a good deal at one e-commerce store, they surely will at another. Simply put, the competition is too high and if store owners did not come up with something unique, it can get tough for them to survive.

E-commerce is a business model that goes through plateaus and declines all the time. It is all about following the trend and keeping yourself updated with the latest technologies.

With that said, in this post, we will talk about how to increase your e-commerce sales fast.


#1 Start with Building a Mobile App

People love the convenience of mobile apps rather than browsing through the website. There are over 260 million smartphone users in the United States. Smartphones give you the convenience of a desktop but with portability. And the fact that you can perform multiple tasks and operations on a smartphone on the go makes it an inevitable gadget in people’s lives. So, building a mobile app is the answer to your question of how to increase your e-commerce sales.

You can avail of the services of an e-commerce app builder to bring your platform to mobile. Apps are more efficient and convenient than websites. They are easy to navigate and are more functional and visually appealing. By availing of the services of a mobile app builder for an e-commerce store, you can personalize the store experience for your customers. This can drive in more sales and make your brand visible among the targeted customer base.

Make sure to choose a reliable mobile e-commerce app builder for your online store. Everything from design, ease of use, loading speed, user-friendliness, etc. matters in a shopping app. Only an experienced and reputed company can help you with that.


#2 Target your Existing Customers

The biggest mistake online sellers make when looking for how to increase your e-commerce sales is that they create campaigns for those who are still to be converted. Instead, you should target already converted customers. Send them exclusive deals and offers to make them recurring. When a business has trouble growing, it is common to think that this is because the business doesn’t have enough customers. This is a misconception that many businesses have. Well, the reality is something different.

Businesses that focus on improving their customer retention strategy have more success in the long run. Loyal and recurring customers tend to do more for you than new customers. Compared to new customers, loyal and recurring customers generate more revenue each time they visit your website, have a higher conversion rate, and add more items to their shopping carts.

While adding new customers to your business is always great, it can turn out to be a more expensive marketing strategy. However, targeting your existing customers can prove to be more cost-efficient. This is because recurring customers are already familiar with your brand and you don’t have to spend thousands on telling them about why your brand and products are great.

So, think it through before you spend your money on creating marketing campaigns for your targeted customers.


#3 Always Use Video Demonstrations

Video marketing has the highest ROI as compared to other means of marketing. This is because the video contains moving visuals that tell people how to use a particular product or how a particular service could be beneficial. E-commerce stores with videos can engage users and make them spend more time on your page. This means that there is a higher chance of them making a purchase or availing of your service.

Videos increase engagement along with customers’ interests in whatever you are trying to convey to them. It doesn’t matter how convenient online shopping is, there is always a concern regarding the quality of the product sold. Because people make purchases based on the description and images of the product, it is difficult to trust completely.

With video demonstrations, you can show your customers different things like how to use the product, the benefits of the product, how the product can be used for a particular purpose, and more. More informative and engaging the video is, the more they are going to convert. This is one way to how to increase your e-commerce sales.


#4 Use Photos When Including Customer Testimonials

This is something that not every online retailer does but it is a great way of showing proof of concept to the new prospects. Testimonials from a faceless and nameless person aren’t that convincing. To increase your sales, you can take your testimonials one step further. Encourage your customers to leave a comment once they make a purchase.

You can design the app and website in such a way that whenever someone leaves a comment, it is displayed with the commenter’s name and photo. Because users will have to first create an account before they can actually make a purchase, they will have to complete their profile. You can ask them to add a photo of themselves.

So, wherever they make a comment, their photo and name will be displayed. A dedicated e-commerce app builder can cater to your needs for this type of design for your app and website.


Final Words

These are the top ways for how to increase your e-commerce sales. Make sure you explore different marketing tactics to attract customers. Because this is the age of mobile applications, it would be intelligent of you to contact a mobile app builder for e-commerce to make it easy for your customers to access your store.

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