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How to tell if your Business needs a Mobile eCommerce App

Written by: Mowico Team

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Did you know that you’re just one of 5.2 billion others with a mobile phone in a world of 8 billion people? Yes, it may be surprising how quick the smartphone adoption has happened, but it’s a fact that they are here to stay. Mobile phones are now the key to almost everything, and eCommerce is one of the most important areas where people take advantage of their phones. That’s why every online store is aiming to build a mobile commerce app to reach more customers easily. 

The New Normal of Shopping 

Today, forgetting your phone at home is a greater catastrophe than forgetting the keys, or even your wallet. Because it’s the key to socialisation, navigation, communication, and shopping. All of this is why the global share of mobile commerce in eCommerce has increased to 72.9%, up from just over 50% 5 years ago.

According to a survey by Retailmenot, more than 60% of consumers use a retail app at least on a monthly basis, and 33% of users say that they use a mobile retail app weekly. 

 ecommerce app statistics by frequency
Source: Retailmenot

A 2019 report by Statista revealed that ecommerce app users have 1.77 sessions per day on average, which is expected to increase every year.

In fact, it’s not just that almost eCommerce is done over the phone, it’s that more and more retail of any sort is done over the phone: 

retail ecommerce sales

As you can see, nearly 20% of all retail sales are projected to come from eCommerce within three years. This means that almost all businesses aiming for growth and success in the near future will feature an eCommerce app.

Your eCommerce Store Needs an App and Here’s Why 

As we’ve said, within the next few years, probably every single business needs to be thinking about an eCommerce app, given the way people use their phones to do more and more of their shopping. Here is how an eCommerce mobile app changes your commerce game:

It expands your customer base 

Every business, small, medium, or big, wants to reach more people, even if it’s a niche business. In a world where mobile adoption is getting higher and higher, offering your target audience a mobile eCommerce app is critical. With a mobile eCommerce app, you get a place in the app stores, which means free marketing. On top of that, you can reach app users anytime you need to notify them about deals with push notifications, in-app messaging, and more. 

It carries your brand to the online league 

If your physical store’s location is the cornerstone of your business and you’re not interested in moving beyond that, you may need to reconsider the perks of having an online, easily-reachable presence. Yes, brick and mortar stores are not going anywhere, but they are changing their forms into more experience-oriented hubs, which increase the conversion rate of eCommerce and mCommerce operations altogether. 

It’s easier than ever to build an eCommerce app

If budget is an issue and you don’t know how to build an app for free, or how to build your own app, then it’s time to learn! Building an app isn’t what it used to be; the no-code revolution is here to change the game, and you’re welcome to be a pioneer. 

No-code app builders have gotten better and better in the last few years, to the point where they’re basically as good as hiring a team of developers to build an app from scratch. The critical difference is that they cost around ten times less and take something like a tenth of the time of a team of developers. Nowadays, they can handle anything from apps that require only basic templates, to more complex features. And most of it is from a simple drag-and-drop menu that doesn’t require any prior coding knowledge.


With new-age technologies like no-code, eCommerce service providers and more, there’s no doubt that every eCommerce business will have its brand placed in app stores. See the benefits of an eCommerce app in the following section, and don’t forget to build an eCommerce app within hours with Mowico.

Benefits of an eCommerce App 

An eCommerce app doesn’t only carry your brand to the world of apps; it also comes with app-related perks that are designed to increase revenue, loyalty, and engagement. Here are the top benefits of an eCommerce app:

1. Loyalty

Apps mean constant communication with your customers. So you can keep them updated about all the latest deals, offers, or other exciting things going on with your business in a way that just isn’t possible otherwise. It’s a personalised experience for your customer, with discounts and coupons available and easy to use. Beyond that, an app gives you the ability to offer 24/7 support as a way to further the trust and loyalty you build as a result of a good product.

2. Brand Recognition 

If you know how to build an app properly, you’ll make sure that every aspect of the app – from the icon and the logo to the notifications – is built to keep the user thinking about your brand and building a positive image in the user’s mind. If you build an iOS/Android app, your brand can reach the entirety of the globe with an icon that users see every day as they look at their phones.

3. Better Conversion Rates 

Again, mobile applications let you personalise your content to the user and use A/B testing to ensure that changes are optimised to your audience. This leads to higher conversion rates and the ability to keep your users engaged, or re-engaged, with your product.

4.Customer Engagement 

Apps produce much higher rates of engagement than more traditional channels, like email. The average rate of engagement from push notifications in apps is 21%, for instance, compared with 3% for emails. Because apps can be more tailored to people’s personal usage, engagement is easier and people respond in ways they don’t with just a typical eCommerce store.

5. Data Collection 

Finally, the way you can ensure that the first 4 bullet points hold true is with the ability to collect more and better data with eCommerce apps. Every click, every view–everything is an extra data point in an eCommerce app, giving you the ability to really pinpoint what’s going on in the customer’s mind as they go through their journey with your product. That data then lets you optimise each step of the journey in ways that simply aren’t possible if you don’t have your own app.

Build an eCommerce App Now! 

Nobody wants to be left behind, especially in a world where commerce is continuously changing form at a higher pace. Thankfully, the new normal comes with new solutions that everyone on the market can leverage. Here at Mowico, we have taken the no-code app building technology and specialised it for the needs of eCommerce businesses

The eCcommerce mobile app builder Mowico lets anyone create an mCcommerce app with its easy-to-use interface and drag-and-drop functionality. Even if you have no idea about how coding works, Mowico no-code app maker is here to help with your challenges. Whether your eCommerce store is built on Statista, Magento, or WooCommerce, you can easily carry your store into an app, since Mowico works with more than 35 eCommerce service providers. Try Mowico now, and turn your store into an eCommerce app within hours now.

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