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Must-Have Features For Your E-Commerce App

Written by: Mowico Team

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The field of m-commerce is on the move nowadays. Thanks to the mobility and practicality of smart devices we carry around all day, the world of e-commerce apps has opened a whole new world of opportunities for e-commerce businesses. With a well-made e-commerce application, companies can now connect with their customers immaculately and improve their brand awareness to the maximum. A fully-fledged e-commerce app can directly affect your revenue and increase customer loyalty. And as we said, these are all possible with a ‘well-made’ app with all the must-have features. So, as the no-code e-commerce app builder Mowico, we decided to review the essential features of an e-commerce app and how these features can help you grow your business.


Search, Filter and Sort

When a customer decides to buy a product, they first do brief research online to find the best seller with the best deal. In fact, 43% of the customers go straight to the search bar in a retail website before checking out anything. Having a search feature also helps convince customers; buyers using the search feature first are 2.4 times more likely to purchase, and people who use search spend 2.6 times more than those who don’t. But a simple search feature might not be enough to answer your customers’ needs fully. A filter feature is highly recommended, and it’s a perfect opportunity to let your customers get more personalised and specialised search results. Also, the ideal e-commerce app needs a sorting feature, too and let users sort the results by their prices, user scores or popularity, etc.1


When users check out your products through your e-commerce app, they need a folder to save the products they are interested in. And without the wishlist or the ability to create personalised product lists, your customers’ best bet is to add these products to their shopping carts. Still, this can be a bit undesirable when they add a product to the shopping cart that they are actually going to buy. So, by giving the ability to create and share lists, you can streamline your customers’ shopping experiences. Also, you can use these lists in your remarketing campaigns since they give an excellent overview of what your customers are interested in and consider buying.

Fast Checkout & Seamless Experience

It’s nearly the end of 2021, and mobile applications now provide users with much more smooth and polished experiences. People choose mobile apps over websites in e-commerce because of their speed and practicality, so you need to deliver when building an app. Your e-commerce app needs to look modern and clean and needs to feel smooth and fast when used. Also, for customers looking forward to making a specific purchase, allowing them to skip to the checkout step right from the product page is highly convenient since it completely cuts off the time spent in the shopping cart. By providing your customers with fast checkout speeds and a rapid application where they can do whatever they want in seconds, you will be taking full advantage of having an application for your e-commerce business. 

Augmented Reality 

Having an augmented reality feature in your e-commerce app might not look essential at first glance, but we think we can convince you of its effectiveness. First things first, according to a study conducted by Invesp, 61% of online shoppers prefer to buy from sites with augmented reality features. Also, 63% of customers claim that an augmented reality improved system would improve their shopping experience, while 35% of them stated that an augmented reality feature would make them shop online more often.2 Since we get these convincingly impressive statistics out of the way, it’s time to point out what’s great about augmented reality technology. Basically, augmented reality makes the e-commerce experience get as close as possible to a physical shopping experience. Thanks to augmented reality technology, customers can use your e-commerce app to try on the items they like or check if a piece of furniture would look good in their living room. Aside from being effective and interactive, augmented reality is also an easy technique to comprehend, so it presents businesses with numerous beneficial use cases. 

Push Notifications

The single best way to engage with your customers out there, push notifications, are the highly visible pieces of messages that an application sends to your phone’s operating system. Since the app owner controls these notifications, push notifications provide e-commerce business owners with countless benefits thanks to their practicality. With push notifications, businesses can notify their customers about the items they left in their shopping carts, inform them about the most recent additions to the market, and attract them with new deals and exclusive offers. Push notifications are highly customisable, so app owners can easily create personalised messages for their customers to increase return rates and improve loyalty. 

Login Options

To provide a personalised experience for your customers, you’ll want your users to be logged in to their accounts when using your e-commerce app. When your customers use your app while logged in, you can access highly valuable data such as the products they liked, their shopping cart, or their buying habits. Adding a login requirement to display the prices of your products would increase the number of logged-in users and the amount of information you gather while your customers use your app. Also, you should add as many login options as possible to offer a seamless experience for as many customers as possible. 

Loyalty Points

One of the most critical metrics for the success of your business, customer retention, is an excellent point of interest right now, and e-commerce businesses are looking for new ways to keep their customers and turn them into regulars. One of the most effective techniques for building loyalty and increasing customer retention is adding a loyalty point system to your e-commerce application. With this point system, you can reward your loyal customers for shopping from you and further improve their loyalty by giving them incentives. Considering the fact that your existing customers are 50% more likely to make purchases from your shop, focusing on loyalty points and customer retention is a must for sustainable growth. 

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With Mowico, all these features and many more will be available in your e-commerce application. Mowico transfers your e-commerce store information from over 35 e-commerce platforms and builds you a mobile application in several hours. Then, you can customise and modify your e-commerce app as you like with any feature you want to add. From loyalty points to augmented reality support, explore all features of Mowico and start building your app now for free!  

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