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Take Advantage of Your E-Commerce App with These Black Friday Tips

Written by: Mowico Team

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Black Friday, it’s the single most significant occasion for all e-commerce business owners, retailers and B2B companies; and it’s right around the corner. While marking the beginning of the holiday season, Black Friday and its smaller counterpart Cyber Monday also present unprecedented opportunities for customers and business owners. Generous discounts, one-time offers and newly released products continuously draw customer attention to the event; the period starting with Black Friday and ending with Christmas generates 50% to 100% more revenue for retailers. But crowds queuing in front of electronics stores and people storming the discount shelves are becoming a sight of the past; even Black Friday is making its transition to the mobile world. People doing their shopping online on Black Friday and people going to physical stores has nearly equaled. Since the mobile front of Black Friday gained traction, and it bears much greater importance than ever for business owners, it’s time to explain how e-commerce application owners can maximize their gains during this festival of shopping spree. 

Increase the number of your app users

The Black Friday period is a time of attracting new people and gaining a new audience for your business. During the holiday season, people tend to be much more open-minded about trying new products, brands or stores since everywhere is stacked with mouth-watering deals. So why not take advantage of this accessibility? Black Friday can massively help you grow your user base and turn newcomers into regular application users. To achieve this, you can try providing newcomers with several incentives to start using your app. For example, you can offer free shipping for first-time users, draw them to your app with one-time, time-limited offers, or give them coupons or gifts on their first purchase from your store. These attractive incentives will affect how people approach your app, and your conversion rates and sales will directly increase thanks to newcomers that might not even consider buying from your shop if it was not for Black Friday.

Also, you can use an invite program to get people to download your app and start shopping from your store. With the invite program, existing customers can invite new users. When a user downloads the app through an invite, you can reward both inviting and invited users with special deals, additional discounts, or the right to join exclusive sweepstakes.  

Keep your returning customers happy

During the holiday season, nearly all brands have some discount for their users, and customers can find new offers wherever they look. So, they usually tend to stick with their regular shops even if it’s Black Friday. Actually, 65% of a company’s business comes from returning customers.2 With that in mind, the best thing to do while preparing for the discount season is to create offers and campaigns unique for your existing customers. Inform them via e-mails, text messages or push notifications about the special deals you prepared for them. Also, dealing with past customers is much more efficient than attracting new buyers since past shopping data of your customers gives you a great insight into what you should focus on while creating special offers. Examine the needs of your customer base, make special offers to satisfy those needs, and inform your users about the relevant offers you prepared for them. 

The effect of push notifications in Black Friday

Push notifications are custom banners with messages that are triggered by mobile applications. They are one of the most effective ways to engage with your customers since they are much more customizable and visible than emails and text messages. And unlike texts and emails, push notifications can directly lead users to the inside of the applications. When customers are directed into the application, their probability of making a purchase increases since push notifications attract customers and make them open your app to start shopping much easier for you. This helpful feature is beneficial during Black Friday thanks to its mobility and ability to create custom notifications to inform your customers in an instant. That way, you will inform all your customers with a simple process and ensure that the notifications are not missed as in the text messages or emails.

As an e-commerce business owner, you probably have enough data to create special deals for your customers and satisfy their unique needs. With the help of push notifications, you can connect with your users and instantly inform them about the promotions you tailored for them so that your customers feel like they are valued in your business. Since the push notifications are highly customizable, you can call your customers their names to make your messages more personalized. Also, starting to notify your users even before Black Friday can immensely help you prepare your customers for your discounts and get them excited about shopping in your store. 

Spice things up with in-app marketing

The time your customers spend on your application will increase during the times of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is a massive advantage compared to regular marketing strategies since you can modify what your customers will see for a certain amount of time. Having complete control over your in-app ads, banners, and other marketing elements will help you connect with your customers and continuously lead them towards recent deals. Also, make sure that product pages are not the only content in your app for your customers to examine and get convinced. So you can consider adding other forms of in-app marketing elements for your products. Add story features to your app just as in social media apps and inform users about the latest deals or let customers buy from shoppable photographs and videos such as ready-made outfits or room designs. Adding countdown timers to the discount banners in your app also helps with customer engagement and creates a sense of urgency to make their purchases immediately. Finally, you can take advantage of the attracting and retaining power of gamification by creating a point-based system that rewards people who made most purchases during Black Friday.

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