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7 Tips to Improve Your Magento Mobile App Conversion


Written by: Mowico Team

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Open-source platforms, such as Magento, are a huge relief for many e-commerce businesses, as they offer a shortcut for e-commerce businesses to open an online store easily.

There’s no doubt that setting up an online shop with the Magento e-commerce platform is easy and requires more curiosity and vision than tech-savviness. But in today’s mobile-centric world, having an online store is not enough to meet demands, as the real conversion happens on mobile apps.

In such a competitive ecosystem, though, the real question is not how to set up a shop and settle in, but how to set your business apart and increase your Magento mobile app conversion rates?

With firms making the move to mobile in flocks, conversion becomes harder and harder, especially for e-commerce businesses. One can only download so many mobile apps, let alone online shopping apps, to a smartphone or tablet.

This article will offer seven tips for e-commerce businesses in the Magento ecosystem to boost product page conversion on a Magento mobile app. Don’t have a mobile application for your Magento store? You don’t have to spend a ton of time on app development; you can build one within hours with our no-code e-commerce mobile app builder for free!

Get Your App Downloaded First

Getting ahead of the game requires, first and foremost, to become one out of the handful of apps that users choose to download and keep. For that, brand awareness and creating a “hype” around your products are necessary.

This is especially easy for e-commerce businesses that focus on fashion, jewellery, and home decor, or sell appliances and gear for popular pastimes, such as cooking and camping. Once you turn your products into parts of a culture, statements, or signifiers, your mobile app will be transformed into a necessity to follow the latest rollouts.

The Digital Age Way to Improve Conversions: Influencers

Sometimes, drawing customers to your mobile store might require more muscle than usual, especially if you are competing in a somewhat saturated or “un-hype” stream. Contrary to common belief, influencer marketing does not solely rely on hype. Many smaller niches, such as language learning, barbecue making, and even plastic sculpting, gain considerable traction from the users that have a particular interest in the topic.

influencer marketing in mobile apps

Plus, there are two significant upsides of operating in a smaller niche besides less competition. The first is in such fields, less is more. This means that through collaborations with influencers that produce content in line with your goals, you can reach a smaller yet specialised audience. In such niches, audiences generally have a specific target skill, product, or knowledge in mind, which keeps any relevant detail from slipping by.

The second benefit of influencer marketing in a smaller niche is, predictably, the cost. Due to the specialised nature of your work, you are likely looking for a narrower, yet determined customer persona, and the content produced in your line will give you that for a reasonable cost. So you don’t need TikTok stars to rise above, after all.

When you do a collaboration, make sure you do not promote the whole brand but focus on a few products. That way, you can give potential buyers a target to eye, a specific purpose rather than a vague idea.

Try Affiliate Marketing

If your business is operating within a more cramped niche that exhibits high levels of saturation and competition, do not despair just yet. Affiliate marketing is the practice of using affiliate links that establish a bridge between social media content and your online shop. It can help your mobile app gain users for a fraction of the cost you would normally pay for the collaboration of a mainstream influencer.

Since affiliate marketing does not require a whole content piece to be devoted to your products and business, it is less costly, appears more authentic, and aligns with the rising spontaneity in online shopping. Plus, the more modest costs of affiliate marketing collaborations allow you to collaborate and experiment with more than one channel and platform and make finding the optimal venue, representation, and language easier.

When you utilise affiliate marketing, make sure that all the links and in-content mentions redirect to the relevant product pages and not the main page. This is of vital importance since only a few visitors will bother to navigate your site to find the product they saw or read about. This will add to the ease of use and allow you to boost specific products for specific times of the year, such as overcoats for winter and red items for Christmas.

Now, to Onboarding

The users who download your app, either as a result of your marketing efforts or just on a whim, will generally have a specific product in mind. In order to allow thought to be converted into action, aka purchase, make your onboarding as easy as possible.

Although it is true that the ideal business-customer relationship is defined with longer engagement, loyalty, repeat purchases, and returns, you can always ask for registration following any subsequent purchase. So, if possible, leave the doors open to your Magento shop. That is, do not require registration, at least in the first purchase. When it’s time for the registration stage, ask as few questions as possible.

Play Simple, Yet Effective

Once you achieve bringing potential customers to your mobile shop, it is important that you offer them high-quality, seamless navigation and user experience, and this includes everything from load time to menu styles and product displays.

Prominent tech entrepreneur Neil Patel notes that nearly half (47%) of mobile users expect a page to be loaded in less than two seconds, and more than one-third of all mobile users leave the page if it does not load within a few seconds.

Amidst such impatience, staying afloat requires businesses to ditch the fancy in favour of the simple. Forget high-resolution images, sliders, GIFs, embedded videos, and animations. Anything that can delay the loading of the page will make you bleed potential conversions. In other words, what you make to earn and impress customers might hurt your business in the long run.

You need to have an easy-to-navigate Magento mobile app to boost conversion rates. Crowded menus, endless slide-downs, and countless product pages will feel tiresome rather than rich or enticing to the customers. Simple and expansive categories based on gender and item type paired with an “On Sale” tab will do.

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Support the Sharing of Your Pages and Platform

Offer specific rates and discounts for customers who share the product and pages with their network. Add a “Share This Product” or “Share This Page” button to your mobile store and give small rewards for each share.

Especially links that redirect to product pages will offer shortcuts into your world and increase the ease of use. The desire to collect these rewards and use them in a future purchase will motivate existing users to create accounts and continue to engage with your store. You can also offer competitive rates for the users who come through such links.

Allowing customers to create their own lists and share them is a good alternative approach. These lists channel access to more than one product, signal to newcomers that there are more than a few products that are worth a look on the platform, and encourage more purchases.

Ease the Checkout Process

Easy checkout is the final, yet most vital, step of a mobile shopping journey. Remember, there is still a chance to back out here. To prevent these last-minute changes of heart, you must make your checkout process as easy as possible.

Retaining credit card information of the user in a secure data container for future use is an option. Allowing services that readily contain and securely retain the same data, such as Google Pay, PayPal, and other platforms, is another way to go.

Offering as many payment options, including virtual cards, gift cards, coupons, and even at-the-door payments, if possible, will ensure that your efforts to promote your products up to this point do not go to waste.

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