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Top-Notch Features to Consider for an E-Commerce Mobile App

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As of 2021, there are around 24 million e-commerce websites in the world. Being offline is not enough to sustain a business in this fiercely competitive world. Businesses need to have a strong online presence to be visible and stay in business. Today, it is all about accessibility and convenience. Along with an efficient e-commerce website, businesses need to offer an exceptional e-commerce mobile app.

The development must be continuously innovative to provide a well functioning mobile app that is appealing, and aligns with the shoppers’ expectations. For this reason, e-commerce mobile app builders currently shine in the dust as they minimize the development effort and provide a stabilized performance. Let’s discuss some of the must-have features that an e-commerce app builder should have.


Easy Registration

Firstly, modern shoppers are quite impatient, especially in terms of online shopping. They may avoid the lengthy registration process where they have to fill in a lot of information. If you have a long registration process, you are redirecting your customers to your competitors.

Therefore, mobile e-commerce app builders should focus on keeping the registration process as quick as possible. One of the best ways to do that is by including social connect. This will allow the users to get access to the app with just one click. Moreover, you will also have the necessary information that you require via their social media account.


Quick Checkout

This is another key area where users become frustrated and leave the cart. With online shopping, people expect utmost convenience. When they do not get it from one site, they turn towards another. Therefore, to make sure your users have a great experience in your e-commerce app, keep the processes streamlined.

After the product has been added, allow customers to checkout in as minimum a step as possible. Integrate payment options like Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, one-click checkout, and biometric payments. Moreover, you should allow the users to save the frequently used debit cards and credit cards. This way, users will not have to re-enter their card details every time they shop.


Access To Google Analytics

One of the factors that determine the success of e-commerce is a personalized experience. And, Google Analytics plays a significant role in the same. So what exactly does Google Analytics do? It enables you to track data like conversion rate, bounce rate, and traffic sources. Additionally, it also assists in identifying the roadblocks that you need to address.

In order to offer personalized services, you need to understand the users’ shopping behavior. The Analytics dashboard allows you to see at what stage users drop off (product page, landing page, or checkout). This way, you know the areas where the e-commerce app builder and designer need to direct their efforts. It also allows you to measure the conversion and on-sight engagement, prominent traffic sources, etc.


Sorting And Filtering Options

A majority of the time, when people access an e-commerce site, they enter with a purpose. However,  it can be challenging to find out that specific product from all categories on your site. This is why a mobile app builder for e-commerce must include the filter option.

It will allow the users to search for their preferred products by adding their preferences. Make the filter as specific as possible, allowing users to easily look for their desired product. Allow the users to sort the products by categories, gender, size, price, etc. Moreover, based on the selected category, offer search options based on pattern, collar size,  sleeves, etc. This will allow you to extend a more personalized shopping experience to your customers.


Push Notifications

This is an important feature that an app builder for an e-commerce site must include. It will ensure that your target audience is updated with the latest offerings on your site. Notify them on different occasions like :

  • The arrival of new products
  • Advertise the flash sales
  • Let them know that the product they have added to the wishlist is about to be sold out.
  • Launch a personalized marketing campaign.

Push notifications are a more personalized marketing approach. Nudging your users with valuable content is a great way to communicate with them and build a personal connection. When you keep your customers updated, they will keep you in mind and come to you looking for products.


Synchronize For Better Efficiency

For an e-commerce app builder, it becomes strenuous to align the mobile app with the website. Adding the feature of synchronization is an excellent way of doing the same while investing less time and effort. The changes made to the website will be reflected on the app as well. Therefore, you will not have to do the same work twice.

Moreover, when the app and website are not synchronized, it will make things appear a lot disorganized and clumsy. Synchronization is a small yet effective feature to make your brand come across as clean and professional.


Easy Access to Customer Support

It is an important feature that a mobile app builder for an e-commerce website should focus on. Providing a seamless customer experience contributes to the overall user experience. The inefficiency in seeking customer support is one of the things that often disappoint e-commerce shoppers. Therefore, offering seamless customer support services will allow you to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Allowing the users to contact and get quick help from the team can be a game-changer for your app.  Provide round-the-clock customer service through calling and email support. Additionally,  allow the customers to connect with you on social media. Furthermore, including a live chat feature is an excellent way to connect with your customers without any wait.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to building a successful e-commerce mobile app, businesses must focus on providing an exceptional user experience. If users experience lag, they will abandon your app and turn to other options. Therefore, aim to streamline the shopping process as much as possible. Also, focus on offering personalization and connectivity. And, above are some of the important features that will allow you to achieve the same on your app. Building a successful app will bring you greater ROI, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

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