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Why Does Your E-Commerce Need a Mobile App?

Written by: Mowico Team

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Digitization has resulted in the boom of the e-commerce sector. More and more people are levitating towards shopping online. Online shopping gives you the freedom to purchase your favorite things from the comfort of your home. Seeing this, every industry is trying to utilize the power of the internet in its favor. As an online retailer, you can reach customers anytime and anywhere with a single click. However, your business’s outreach should not be limited to a laptop. Smartphones have already filled in most features of laptops. They are handy, easy to use, and accessible at all times. Hence, it is time to keep up with the technology for the growth of your business. This is enough to answer your question about why your e-commerce need a mobile app.

Let’s dive into a few reasons why:


Mobile Apps are in Trend

The primary reason why your e-commerce need a mobile app is that applications are simply booming. You will be surprised to know that significant traffic comes through mobile phone users. Almost 70% of sales of e-commerce businesses are attributed to mobile apps. Moreover, smartphones are a gateway for the consumer to buy from all over the world. Also, they can shop hassle-free irrespective of their location, be it at home or on a bus. While it is vital to have a mobile-friendly website, an app can change the dynamics completely. The e-commerce world is being dominated by mobile app sales. So, it is time to take the leap and try out an e-commerce app builder.


Customers Prefer Mobile Apps

There might be some sales generated from mobile devices without an app. But the question is, for how long? As said above, there is nothing against mobile-friendly websites. In fact, the interface should be better than that of a laptop; otherwise, 85% of the consumers do not return. But more than 80% of the consumers prefer mobile apps rather than a website. It is a considerable percentage that can not be ignored if you want your business to bloom. Just imagine the loss of potential customers because there is no mobile app for your business.


Stand Out Amongst Competitors

It is said that the early bird catches the worm. The same applies to your e-commerce business. Customers prefer shopping from a mobile app more than typing the website URL in the mobile browser. And in the future, there may not be any leads over a website. Therefore, building a mobile app as early as possible will give a competitive advantage in the market. Most importantly, your app will be the deal maker for your business if a customer has to choose between a website or an app. Plus, you will be able to gain experience and make improvements for better customer satisfaction. In a few years, every e-commerce company will have its own app. So better hurry and take the first step.


Gain Higher Conversion Rates

Let’s be honest, at the end of the day, we all want great conversion numbers that boost the bottom line. When we compare a mobile browser’s and an app’s conversion rates, then the clear winner is an app. People browse more than 200% of products and add to the cart from a shopping app in comparison to a website. More than product views, conversions are crucial. With a mobile app, the conversion rate increases by a minimum of 100%. Hence, a mobile app directly impacts the conversion rate. Imagine how much your customer base will increase once your app goes live.


Better Marketing

While mobile apps drive sales to a greater extent, it also makes marketing easier. Above all, many marketers are in awe of mobile apps as it markets effectively without putting in the extra effort. Nevertheless, a lot of customers do not shop daily, and they may not even return after a single purchase through a website. In such cases, exorbitant money needs to go towards email marketing and social media campaigns. Therefore, with a mobile app, you get the magic of push notifications. Customers are intrigued by push notifications and end up opening the message. So, it is time you better invested that money in a mobile e-commerce app builder.


Advantage Of Personalization

For an e-commerce business to be successful, personalization is the key. Mobile apps take personalization to a whole new level. Moreover, the user’s purchase and browsing history can be easily tracked with an app. This helps in recommending the target customer’s products according to their search history. People love personalization when shopping online. It gives a sense of belonging to them. Most importantly, you can even personalize your push notifications according to preferences rather than sending a generalized message. For customers, a mobile app helps in keeping the purchase history. So, a customer can re-order without wasting time and effort.


Enjoy Customer Loyalty

Another reason why your e-commerce need a mobile app is customer loyalty. A customer loyalty program compels your customers to spend more money. Hence, with a mobile app, the chances of such a program being successful increase. According to research, 85% of people prefer shopping on apps that offer loyalty programs. A great way to incorporate this is through transactions. For example, after purchasing a few times from the app, you can offer a discount on the next purchase. Another method is to provide rewards based on a customer’s spending in a set time. Right now, it is your time to enjoy the convenience of mobile app builders for e-commerce.


Improves Customer Satisfaction

In the busy modern world, people are likely to spend on an app that offers impeccable customer service. In fact, nearly 70% of consumers shop more often after a satisfactory service experience. So, when you are designing your app through an e-commerce app builder, this feature is worth focusing on. Give your contact information through a contact-us button. Moreover, a live chat bot can work wonders in handling queries without a call. Also, make easy navigation for tracking orders for a hassle-free shopping experience. You can pick up the best customer service practices from your mobile app builder for e-commerce and incorporate them into your app. Therefore, there is nothing more clear answer than this about why your e-commerce need a mobile app.



So, we might have answered your question about why does your e-commerce need a mobile app. A mobile app is essential for your e-commerce business store. The main goal for a business is to be relevant in the long run. Everyone wants consistent growth. This demands being on your toes and keeping up with the latest technology trends. Mobile apps are nothing new, and in fact, an e-commerce business should take proactive steps to launch its own app as soon as possible. So, a business can effectively build a useful and attractive app with the help of an e-commerce app builder.

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