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How to Use Push Notifications and Banners to Boost Conversions in Mobile eCommerce Apps

How to send push notifications via Mowico

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In the dynamic landscape of 2023, mobile eCommerce has rapidly become the beacon of modern retail. Convenience and comfort have found a harmonious meeting point in our smartphones, with an impressive 79% of users now purchasing through mobile devices. Smartphones have transcended their original gadget status and evolved into indispensable tools for shopping, payment, and much more.

Moving to the rhythm of this digital heartbeat, mobile conversion rates have been making their mark. At an average of 2%, they’re outdoing their web counterparts by a significant three-fold. It’s clear the mobile platform is more than just competitive; it’s excelling.

These potent statistics illuminate the vast potential nestled within mobile eCommerce. But the question remains, how can you, as a business, leverage this potential to its fullest? This is where push notifications and banners in mCommerce enter the spotlight.

Push notifications and banners can become powerful catalysts in driving conversions and boosting sales within your mobile eCommerce app when wielded with precision and strategy. However, the key lies in their effective utilisation. How can you ensure that these tools enhance, rather than encumber, your user experience? What are the most effective push notification and banner strategies to employ in this context?

How Mobile App Push Notifications Can Help You Increase Conversions

In mobile eCommerce, push notifications are more than just alerts; they’re potent conversion drivers that can significantly enhance user engagement. But how do they make this difference? Let’s delve into the data to illuminate their impact.

A staggering statistic is that push notifications can turbocharge app engagement by 88%. Like a well-placed signpost, they guide users back to your app, kindling interest, encouraging exploration, and fostering interaction.

Moreover, the power of push notifications extends beyond immediate engagement. 65% of users return to an app within 30 days of enabling push notifications. This showcases their ability to maintain long-term user interest and establish sustained app usage.

But the wonders of push notifications don’t end there. Among app users who have opted in to push notifications, 46% engaged in at least 11 app sessions per month. This is a noteworthy contrast to the 25% of users who did not have push notifications enabled. This data highlights how these alerts can keep your app ‘top of mind’, inspire repeated visits, and ultimately contribute to a higher conversion rate.

In essence, push notifications are a valuable tool in your mobile eCommerce arsenal. They can encourage users to engage with your app more frequently and for longer periods, ultimately leading to increased conversions. In the upcoming sections, we’ll explore specific strategies for optimising your push notifications to maximise their impact.

Tips to Have Greater Impact from Mobile App Push Notifications in eCommerce

Let’s walk through some data-driven tips to maximise the impact of push notifications in mobile eCommerce.

Segmentation is the key: Send the right messages to the right users at the right time by segmenting them based on behaviour, preferences, and location. Personalised and relevant messages resonate better, increase engagement, and ultimately drive conversions.

Embrace A/B testing: Different users respond differently. A/B test elements like copy, timing, and frequency of your push notifications to identify what works best with your audience. Remember, optimisation is a continuous process, and regular testing helps keep your strategy sharp and effective.

Clear and catchy copy: Your notification is a mini sales pitch. Ensure your copy is clear and compelling, effectively conveying the value proposition and the call to action. A well-crafted message can be the difference between a ‘swipe away’ and a ‘tap to open’.

Engage multiple senses: Make your push notifications more attractive and interactive using emojis, images, sounds, and action buttons. They not only grab attention but also add a touch of personality to your notifications.

Monitor and adjust: Keep a close eye on your push notification metrics and user feedback. They’re your compass, guiding you towards what’s working and needs tweaking. A successful strategy evolves based on insights and feedback.

The Role Banners Play in Mobile eCommerce Apps

Banners, the silent persuaders of your mobile eCommerce app, bear a wealth of potential. Let’s unpack how they can subtly guide and influence your users’ journey, ultimately fuelling your conversion rates.

Flaunt your unique selling points: Banners excel at highlighting your unique offers, like free shipping, attractive discounts, or exclusive rewards. Consider them the window display of your app, parading your best offers to users.

Create urgency or scarcity: Displaying limited-time offers, countdown timers, or low stock alerts? Banners are the way to go. These tactics can spur users into immediate action, hastening your conversions.

Encourage cross-selling and upselling: Banners offer a valuable platform for suggesting related products, handy accessories, bundled deals, or subscriptions. Offering users added value in this way can increase average order value.

Invite valuable feedback: Banners can act as a platform for users to share ratings or testimonials or to participate in surveys. Such interactions boost engagement and give you valuable insights to fine-tune your app experience.

Amplify your social media and referral programs: Use banners as a megaphone for your social media channels and referral programs, nudging users to connect, share, and invite others. Such strategies help to broaden your reach and foster a strong user community.

Leveraging Push Notifications with Mowico Wizard

We’ve spoken about the importance of push notifications and banners in mobile eCommerce, but how can we implement this?

Let us introduce Mowico, your user-friendly platform for creating eCommerce mobile apps sans the coding headaches.

Mowico works seamlessly with your chosen eCommerce platform and payment system, offers a drag-and-drop editor for quick design, and arms you with mCommerce features to boost your profits while keeping marketing costs in check.

Not to forget that it provides valuable analytics and support to optimise your app performance and user experience.

But let’s focus on the topic at hand – how can Mowico help you leverage push notifications?

With Mowico Wizard, you can send abandoned, scheduled and segmented push notifications.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the Mowico Wizard:

  1. Title: Here’s where you can add the text that will appear under the Push Notifications title. Make it catchy, intriguing, and brief.
  2. Message: This is where you write the message you want to send. Remember to be clear, concise, and compelling.
  3. Image: Add a striking image in the right pixel format here. A picture speaks a thousand words, after all!
  4. Link Type: You have the flexibility to link either a ‘Category’ or ‘Product’, guiding users to the desired product or category.

It’s as simple as that. With Mowico, you can harness the power of push notifications effectively and efficiently, making it easier than ever to boost conversions and enhance user engagement. So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the Mowico bandwagon for free and let your mobile eCommerce app thrive!

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