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Maximise Customer Loyalty with Smile.io Integration for Your eCommerce Store

Written by: Mowico Team

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Why You Should Benefit From Smile.io Integration on Your eCommerce Site?

Don't miss out on the benefits of Smile.io integration for your eCommerce store. Learn more about how it can help drive customer loyalty and increase sales.

Are you looking to integrate a loyalty program into your online business? Smile.io offers top-choice loyalty management software that can help boost customer loyalty and engagement. As the largest provider of loyalty programs worldwide, Smile.io has a strong focus on helping web-based enterprises develop effective reward programs through their platform—and now, thanks to our collaboration, it works on mobile apps, too!

With the Smile.io integration, brands can easily launch multiple referral programs from a single location. The user interface is user-friendly and easy to use, even for those who are not highly experienced with software. Incentive systems provided by Smile.io are highly efficient and can help drive customer engagement and loyalty. If you are considering loyalty program integrations, Smile.io is the best solution worth considering.


The main function of Smile.io is to reward customers. It gives companies the ability to reward customers for sharing content on social media, writing product reviews, and referring to other products that are similar to their own with points, VIP status, and referral bonuses. By offering rewards, Smile.io encourages recurring business from both current and new consumers. Smile.io should be considered if you require a powerful tool to improve customer feedback and create enduring relationships.

The benefits of using Smile.io for your eCommerce site

Now, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of integrating Smile.io into your online business:

Increased customer loyalty and retention

Because there are so many options for online shoppers, there will be more competition on your part as a business. Take into account the fact that the majority of internet customers are actively looking for a deal, whether it be a discount coupon or free merchandise; they are seeking a perk to part with their hard-earned money.


What you require is a unique selling proposition that distinguishes you from each of your rivals. Smile.io distinguishes you from the market by rewarding your customers for every purchase they make. Customers will gladly return for more once they realise they may receive benefits for their financial support.

Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction

Gaining your consumers’ trust is a surefire approach to increasing product sales. Customers are more likely to make regular purchases from you when they have faith in you. For the same reason, repeat consumers spend more than newcomers. Using Smile.io to reward consumers encourages customer loyalty, which will increase your conversion rate and set off a domino effect.

Improved brand reputation and advocacy

Involving more clients in your business will be made possible through a loyalty program, which will assist in converting supporters into ambassadors. Although you might only think of loyalty programs as a retention strategy, they can also be used for change. They not only give you the opportunity to develop brand ambassadors through involvement, communication, and amplification, but they also give you the ability to leave a good first impression by providing special discounts to your most loyal consumers or igniting a little friendly competition. With loyalty programs, the options are unlimited, but the result is always the same: enhanced brand advocacy, additional methods to attract and keep customers, plus improved brand reputation.

Opportunity for upselling and cross-selling

You can provide bonus points when multiple things are purchased using some online rewards systems, such as the Magento loyalty extension from Smile.io. For instance, you could award extra points to customers who buy shoelaces if you offer shoes. When offered points as an incentive, a customer is considerably more inclined to accept your cross-sell.

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up Smile.io on your site

Find the Smile.io app on your Shopify, BigCommerce, or Wix store to begin utilising it. After that, click installs. The Smile.io app will then be available for use. The program instantly takes you to the main dashboard after you add something, where the “Start Guide” option appears.

Simple integration of your program with your favourite tools

With Smile integrations, your rewards program can advance to new heights. Customers should be rewarded for evaluations, and your program should be promoted via email and SMS, and more!

Mowico now supports Smile.io integration for your mobile apps!

The mobile commerce market size is expected to become bigger than $700 billion by 2025—more than doubling its size in four years! Such numbers stimulate many business owners’ imaginations. Therefore, it is understandable why many companies choose to create their own mobile application for marketing objectives. We must always keep in mind the value of customer retention in this mobile era, as it can boost business income by 25–95%.


After seeing the enormous potential of no-code, we set out to specialise the technology in a field where no-code may be used to its fullest potential. To provide a no-code platform that everyone in the e-commerce industry may utilise, we launched Mowico in early 2020. Even those who are unfamiliar with the term “coding” can utilize the platform because of the manner it was created, and now, Mowico leverages all of the great features of Smile.io on the mobile app front!


It’s super-easy to integrate Smile.io into your no-code app! Here’s how:

  • Connect your Shopify store with Mowico: Simply connect your store to Mowico and start building your app.


  • Easily Design your Mobile App with Drag-Drop: Mowico’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to design your mobile app exactly how you want it. Simply choose from a range of customisable templates and add your own branding and content.


  • Integrate with Smile.io: Integrate Smile.io in the integrations menu, and you’re good to go.


  • Publish: Once you have designed and integrated your mobile app, it’s time to publish it. Mowico makes it easy to publish your app to the App Store and Google Play, so you can start reaching customers on their mobile devices.
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