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Mobile App Development Costs: How Much Does It Cost to Create an E-Commerce App?

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Mobile App Development Costs: How Much Does It Cost to Create an E-Commerce App?

As e-commerce has been growing rapidly day by day, it is an important matter for online businesses to consider having an e-commerce app – this is due to the fact that more and more users prefer shopping online via their mobile device rather than using a website since it is much more easier to pick what they want to order and buy it. If you have an online business and you want to stay competitive in today’s mobile-first world, you should provide your customers with the perfect shopping experience so as to increase customer loyalty as well as drive sales.


How has the interest in e-commerce risen in the field rapidly? Actually, the pandemic, COVID-19, was the one that accelerated the growth of e-commerce, with online sales having increased up to 27.6%, according to eMarketer. Once again, according to another report prepared by eMarketer, global e-commerce sales are expected to reach up to $6.38 trillion by 2024. 


Did you make up your mind about creating an e-commerce app for your business? If you’re ready to build a mobile e-commerce app, we are going to talk about its development costs and the factors that affect them in this post. 

The Main Factors that Determine the Cost of App Building

  • Before you start building your app, it is quite important to consider the overall production cost of your app before embarking on its development, such as type of app, development stage, feature set, design complexity, platform choice and more. There are some benchmarks for each step that are based on data from various brands and companies’ projects. For example, according to research from “Business of Apps”, if you want to hire a developer for the project, it may cost you $105,000 / year. On the other hand, a complex app development price tag may cost you around $72,000. 


  • Calculation of the cost of app development depends significantly on the factors mentioned above and their impact: app type, development approach, development region, and other factors can heavily influence this process. You can consider your app as if you are planning a home since the more things you add, the price or the context will be higher and more detailed. As an example scenario, if you build a simple app including some essential and main features like profile making and search, the development time may take between 2-3 months, and the cost may vary between $40000-$60000, according to Net Solutions. Besides, the cost of some key features like user log in, geolocation, search, and messaging may vary based on the amount of time that is going to be spent while building them.


  • According to the research called “App Development Costs 2023” by Topflight, if you have to deal with the process of coding an app, it may cover between 50% – 70% of the total cost of the whole development, and it may take much more time to develop it. All these procedures’ costs depend on the types of apps that range from chatbot app development to working on a cryptocurrency exchange or even a marketplace app.

Key Features of E-commerce Apps

The essentials of e-commerce apps are quite helpful for users: it is crucial for a business owner to consider them when developing an e-commerce app.


  • To ensure your e-commerce app is comprehensive and meets customer expectations, it should include crucial features that cover various stages of the shopping journey: these include things like product catalogues, shopping carts, checkout, payment, delivery, and customer service. Since your business is based on the act of shopping, you should definitely have a shopping cart feature so that your customers review the items before checking out and payment gateway integration so as to secure your online payments, including credit cards and other payment methods.


  • Moreover, there are some advanced features to make your e-commerce app function better. These features include things like personalisation, loyalty program, push notifications and social media integration. Your app needs to provide a perfectly-personalized experience, so you may want to consider adding some of these additional features as well.


  • If you are wondering about the total cost of your app when you include the main features as well as the extra features that you wish to add, there are some factors that affect the development cost, time and quality. They depend on the level of complexity and the related things in general.

Trends and Challenges in E-commerce App Development

  • The current trend and challenges in e-commerce app development have the power to affect the potential success and the profitability of your business in a direct way. 

Here are some of the trending topics below that you may be interested in:

  • Chatbots
  • Personalisation
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Voice assistants

If you have the opportunity to include them to your business, give it a chance! These trends can help you have more and more clients who are eager to shop online via your e-commerce app. 

  • You must take into account certain challenges when it comes to preserving the security, expanding the scalability and enhancing the user experience of your e-commerce app. To maintain the trust for your brand as well as to be inline with the current marketing world in the meaning of consistency, you should always be ready and prepared.

To anticipate and tackle any future challenges, it is advisable to have a comprehensive understanding of your application – enabling you to promptly come up with solid solutions to any issues that may arise. 

By following some best practices mentioned below, you can overcome challenges and build a successful e-commerce app with a perfect user experience:

  • Let security be your top priority.
  • Optimize your user experience and make sure that your e-commerce app is user-friendly.
  • Use data analytics to make sure that the system is running smoothly.
  • Conduct various tests at every single stage of the development process.

The Shortcut: No-code App Development for E-commerce

If you are uncertain about how to begin developing an e-commerce platform for your business, we may be able to provide a solution for you… Let us introduce you to Mowico – a no-code app development platform for e-commerce businesses!

Mowico has the capability to assist you in creating an e-commerce app in a timely, convenient and cost-effective manner. You may be curious about how this process works; let us guide you through:

  • You can connect your e-commerce platform to Mowico in just a couple of minutes – it is compatible with more than 60 e-commerce platforms.
  • The feature that is called “drag & drop designer” will allow you to add or remove the components that you want in an effortless way.
  • After you’ve done and added everything that was on the plan, all you have to do is test the app and then publish it on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Despite the fact that it may appear complex for your project, the system operates seamlessly in comparison to conventional app development approaches. Mowico’s mission is to give you the possibility to customise your e-commerce app however you want in the easiest way possible.

It’s your time to try Mowico now – the most suitable platform throughout the entire e-commerce app development procedure for your business.

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