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The Top 7 Shopify Mobile App Builders in 2023

The Top 7 Shopify Mobile App Builders in 2023

Written by: Mowico Team

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In today’s digital landscape, having a mobile app for your Shopify store can be a game-changer. With 55% of web traffic from mobile devices, launching a mobile app provides a unique opportunity to engage users effectively, retain customers, and build loyalty. However, developing a mobile app from scratch can be complex and expensive, especially for eCommerce store owners without sufficient coding knowledge or resources.

Fortunately, there are Shopify app builders available that simplify this process and minimise expenses. These app builders offer a convenient solution, allowing you to quickly launch iOS and Android apps without the need for extensive native app development.

By utilising a Shopify app builder, you can efficiently convert your online store into a professional-looking mobile app, capitalising on the dominance of mobile traffic and harnessing the advantages of enhanced customer engagement and loyalty.

Key Features to Consider in a Shopify App Builder

When searching for a Shopify mobile app builder, it is essential to know what features to prioritise. Below, we’ve outlined the key features that you should consider when evaluating these app builders.

No-Code Development: As an eCommerce store owner, coding a mobile app from scratch may not be feasible. Look for a Shopify app builder that eliminates the need for coding, enabling you to develop and launch your app quickly and effortlessly.

Seamless Website Integration: The mobile app builder you choose should facilitate the seamless integration of the features and functionalities in your existing eCommerce store. This includes integrating plugins, themes, payment gateways, and custom elements while maintaining consistent branding across platforms.

App Store Compliance: It is crucial to choose a mobile app builder that produces mobile apps compliant with the requirements of major app stores such as the App Store and Google Play Store. Gaining access to these platforms not only enhances the credibility of your brand but also opens up new avenues for customer acquisition.

Flexibility and Brand Customisation: Avoid mobile app builders that limit you to generic templates, which results in your Shopify app looking identical to others. Opt for a mobile app builder that provides flexibility, allowing you to express the unique identity of your brand and create a visually distinctive mobile app that stands out from the crowd.

Push Notification Capability: An effective mobile app builder should provide robust push notification functionality. These notifications offer a personalised and direct communication channel, driving engagement and facilitating essential interactions with customers, such as order updates or customised promotions.

Before initiating your app development project, you should thoroughly assess whether the Shopify app builder fulfils these essential features and aligns with your specific needs.

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Top Shopify Mobile App Builders in 2023

In 2023, Shopify store owners have access to a variety of mobile app builders that streamline the process of launching iOS and Android apps. These builders offer a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to native app development.

Here is the list of seven recommended Shopify app builders to consider for developing and launching your own Shopify iOS and Android apps:

  1. Mowico
  2. Tapcart
  3. Vajro
  4. Shopney
  5. Hulk
  6. Magenative
  7. Mobiloud


Mowico App Builder is a game-changer in the world of app development. Unlike traditional approaches, Mowico goes beyond the complexities and technical barriers, allowing eCommerce businesses to effortlessly create their own apps. Whether you are a tech enthusiast or a novice in the app development arena, Mowico equips you with the tools and features to bring your app ideas to life.

One of the remarkable features of Mowico is its intuitive interface, designed with user-friendliness in mind. You do not need any coding knowledge or prior experience to get started. Mowico’s drag-and-drop functionality and pre-built templates simplify the app creation process, enabling you to design captivating mobile app layouts and add essential features with ease.

Maintaining consistency across platforms is crucial, and Mowico understands this. With its seamless synchronisation between your app and website, any updates or changes you make to your website are automatically reflected in your app. This ensures that your users have access to the latest content, products, and functionalities, without the need for manual adjustments.

Customisation is at the core of Mowico’s philosophy. Personalise your app’s design, colours, fonts, and branding elements to align with your unique identity and captivate your audience.

Mowico also offers a range of powerful features to enhance user engagement. From push notifications to keep your users informed and connected to in-app messaging for seamless communication, Mowico equips you with the tools to provide a memorable user experience. With Mowico’s Google Analytics integration, gain valuable insights into user behaviour and make data-driven decisions to optimise your app’s performance. Check out the all-inclusive feature set of Mowico here.

With Mowico, you do not have to worry about platform limitations. Whether you are targeting iOS or Android users, Mowico supports both platforms, giving you the freedom to reach a broader audience and maximise your app’s potential.


  • Affordable for all-scale of businesses.
  • User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Seamless synchronisation between website and app.
  • Custom elements for the unique needs of your business.
  • Powerful features for user engagement.
  • Support for both iOS and Android platforms.


  • Limitations in handling complex app functionalities.

Want to experience and unlock the full potential of Mowico? Request a personalised demo, and let our experts guide you through the process. It is free!


Tapcart is a mobile app builder made specifically for Shopify. It has an easy-to-use editor that lets you design your own app interface. It integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store, so you can manage orders and products in one place. It connects well with popular Shopify apps and tools like Klaviyo and Facebook. However, it does not support integration with other apps or custom features from your website. It is important to note that Tapcart can be expensive, with plans starting at $250 per month for limited features and going up to $1,200 per month for the full package.



  • Easy-to-use interface with lots of design options.
  • Seamless integration with your Shopify store, and popular Shopify apps and tools.


  • Very limited features for the lowest plan.
  • Expensive, with higher-tier plans costing over $1,200 per month.
  • Limitations in integrating other apps or custom features from your website.


Vajro is a mobile app builder that lets you create a mobile app without coding. It offers 4 themes and a drag-and-drop editor for easy use. It has over 70 integrations with apps and tools. The lowest plan starts at $99 per month, but it has limited features. To get more, you will need to upgrade to the $199-$399 per month plans, which may be a bit expensive for a template-based app builder.



  • Simple and user-friendly.
  • Support of a wide range of integrations.
  • Suitable for small stores with basic needs.


  • High pricing considering the simplicity of the mobile app.
  • Limited flexibility due to its template-based nature.
  • Incomplete replication of all the features of your website.


Shopney is a reliable option for creating mobile apps with more flexibility in designing the layout compared to other template-based app builders. It offers an entry-level plan starting at $99 per month, which includes essential features. However, to access advanced features like abandoned cart notifications and certain integrations, you will need to upgrade to higher-priced plans. While it has an intuitive design editor with multiple themes, you are still limited to its pre-existing templates. Additionally, Shopney has fewer supported integrations compared to some other options, and the cost can increase if you require the full range of integrations.



  • Easy-to-use design editor with various themes.
  • Unlimited push notifications.
  • Affordable price for small stores.


  • Limited to their templates for design customisation.
  • Fewer supported integrations.
  • Higher costs for accessing all integrations and advanced features.


Hulk Mobile App Builder simplifies app creation without technical complexities. It is perfect for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals. No coding is needed with drag-and-drop in customisation options. It offers mobile-specific features like push notifications and analytics. Customisation has some limits, but it supports multi-platform development. Integration options may also be limited, and pricing may be high for some budgets.



  • Mobile-specific features like push notifications and analytics.
  • Customisation options to tailor your app to your needs.


  • Reliance on templates, resulting in somewhat generic designs.
  • Dependency on platform updates for new features and bug fixes.


MageNative is a cost-effective option for building mobile apps, with plans starting at $49 per month. However, to access enough features, you may need to choose a higher-priced plan. Even their highest plan is still cheaper compared to other options on this list. It is important to note that MageNative is a template-based app builder, so you have limited flexibility in design and integrations. They also have fewer integrations with popular third-party apps. Nevertheless, if you are on a budget, MageNative can be a great choice, offering unlimited push notifications, deep linking, and even augmented reality features for under $100 per month.



  • Significantly cheaper than competitors.
  • Affordable plans with unlimited push notifications and advanced features.


  • Limited design flexibility due to being template-based.
  • Fewer integrations with popular third-party apps.


MobiLoud Canvas is a mobile app builder that goes beyond templates. It converts your entire website, including Shopify apps, plugins, themes, and functionality, into iOS and Android apps. It is always in sync with your website, so when you update your website, your app automatically updates, too. It offers customisation options with a few mobile-specific design elements like menus, navigation, splash screens, and push notification settings.



  • Retainment of all themes, plugins, and app features from your existing website.
  • Seamless synchronization of your app and website.


  • Inability to design a custom mobile app interface from scratch.
  • High pricing for small-scale or new stores.

Key Takeaways

Among these options, Mowico stands out as an excellent choice for most stores. With Mowico, you can seamlessly convert your existing website functionality, including themes, apps, and plugins, into mobile apps. This ensures a consistent experience for your customers.

Setting up Mowico is a breeze, as everything works seamlessly out of the box. You can leverage features like push notifications, existing checkout systems, and product collections. The best part is that maintaining and syncing your iOS and Android app, and website is made easy.

To see it for yourself and embark on your journey of launching your own native app for your eCommerce business, start your free trial today!

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