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Why Should You Use Recharge for Shopify?

Mowico can be seamlessly integrated with Recharge.

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Are you the owner of a Shopify store hoping to boost sales and clientele? If so, you’re in the right place. Recharge is the essential Shopify add-on you need if you want to provide your consumers with subscription-based items. You may set up recurring invoicing using Recharge, establish and manage subscription plans for your items, and provide flexible delivery schedules.

Even if Recharge is an effective tool on its own, its full potential can only be realised when it is in use in mobile commerce. By integrating Recharge into a mobile app, you can give your clients the ease of managing their subscriptions on the go and increase your revenue by providing recurring revenue streams.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you all about Recharge for Shopify, and how to integrate it into your mobile eCommerce app. Don’t have a mobile app? No problem; we’ve got you covered.

What is Recharge for Shopify?

Recharge is a well-liked Shopify add-on that helps online stores to offer subscription-based goods and services, handle recurring invoicing, and give customers a smooth checkout process.

Shopify store owners can simply sell and manage subscriptions for their items using Recharge. They can also personalise their subscription plans, provide discounts and promotions, integrate Recharge with other applications and tools, and generally improve the way their businesses are run.

Businesses can boost client retention rates, sales, and profitability by providing subscription-based goods and services. Recharge provides a wealth of features and capabilities that can assist organisations in streamlining their subscription management procedures, monitoring revenue, managing client data, and examining sales success using sophisticated reporting and analytics tools.

With rapid growth rates anticipated in the upcoming years, the subscription eCommerce market is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the global eCommerce market. The global subscription eCommerce market is anticipated to reach $2,643.6 billion by 2028, exhibiting an explosive CAGR of 72.9% over the forecast period, according to a report by Grand View Research. You may take advantage of this lucrative market and increase your company’s recurring revenue by providing subscription-based goods or services.

Why to use Recharge in your Shopify store

You can personalise your subscription plans with Recharge, provide discounts and promotions, work with other tools and apps, and more. Recharge also provides your clients with the option to control their subscriptions via an SMS or customer portal, which raises their level of satisfaction.

You may increase sales, customer satisfaction, and customer retention by implementing Recharge in your Shopify store. The following are a few advantages of utilising Recharge:

Increase your revenue

A very effective technique to raise your revenue is through subscriptions. You may create a consistent flow of recurring revenue that is considerably more predictable than traditional sales by enabling clients to sign up for periodic deliveries of your goods or services. Moreover, subscriptions can help you raise your lifetime value and average order value.

Recharge examined approximately $3 billion in orders placed by nearly 20 million consumers of merchants in the physical subscription commerce market for 12 months. This period was marked by a sharp rise in the number of new stores added to Recharge by vertical.

By using ReCharge, around 3,000 shops will introduce subscriptions in 2020. The most prosperous subscription-based businesses were those that could capitalise on a devoted fan base. The data reveals that businesses with a steady stream of devoted clients were able to make the greatest money from subscriptions.

With a subscription-based business strategy, you can generate income by having a frequent or current consumer make recurring payments to gain continued access to a good or service. As a result, you can forecast your revenue sources and maintain a more consistent cash flow, which is important for small enterprises.

The physical subscription eCommerce industry rose by more than 90% in 2020 compared to the previous year, and the global eCommerce subscription market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 65.67% to $904.28 billion in 2026. By utilising Recharge to provide a subscription-based service, you can take advantage of a market with tremendous development potential.

Increase your retention

Subscriptions not only increase your revenue but also create devoted consumers who are more likely to come back to you and recommend you to others. You may develop confidence and loyalty in your clients which is challenging to do through solitary purchases, by giving them a handy option to get your goods or services regularly.

This assertion is supported by Recharge’s statistics, which reveal that repeat customers accounted for an average of 28% of the top-tier subscription firms’ monthly income. This demonstrates unequivocally that subscriptions are a successful strategy for creating a following of devoted clients who will support your company over the long term.

Improve your customer experience

By providing a convenient, time-saving solution, your clients can easily receive regular deliveries of their preferred goods or services without having to place new orders constantly. The feature is particularly beneficial for regularly used items like supplements or skincare products.

Recharge’s data reveals that businesses offering subscription options also grant their customers increased flexibility and control over their subscriptions. The adaptability includes modifying delivery frequency, swapping out products in the subscription, or even adding one-time purchases. As a result, customers are more likely to continue using your services, ultimately boosting satisfaction and retention rates.

How to use Recharge in your Shopify store

Using Recharge for Shopify is a straightforward process that only requires a few easy steps to complete.

Install the Recharge app for free from the Shopify app store.

The Recharge app is available in the Shopify app store, where you may get it without cost. Once the app is loaded, you can use your Shopify store dashboard to access all of Recharge’s robust subscription management tools.

Choose the products or services that you want to offer as subscriptions.

With Recharge, you can provide subscriptions for almost any good or service, including apparel and accessories, alcoholic beverages, food and drinks, cosmetics and wellness goods, and more. Simply choose the goods or services you wish to offer as subscriptions, then set the appropriate options in the Recharge app.

Set up your subscription rules, such as pricing, frequency, duration, etc.

The next step is to set up the subscription rules once you’ve decided on the goods or services you want to make available as subscriptions. This entails deciding on the subscription’s cost, frequency, and length, as well as any additional unique requirements or discounts you choose to provide.

Customise your checkout page and customer portal with your branding and messaging.

The ability to completely personalise the checkout page and customer interface to match your branding and messaging is one of the best things about Recharge. By doing this, you can give your consumers a streamlined, unified experience from the time they subscribe until the moment they get their first delivery.

Launch your subscriptions, and start selling!

It is time to launch your subscriptions and begin selling once you have finished the prior procedures. You can quickly manage and keep an eye on your subscriptions using Recharge from the dashboard of your Shopify store, making it easy to keep track of everything in one spot. To make informed decisions regarding your subscription business, you may also analyse critical indicators like revenue, subscriber count, and churn rate.

Mowico apps now support Recharge!

mCommerce is becoming more and more common since it is quick, simple, and convenient. This is where Mowico, a business game-changer, enters the scene. The drag-and-drop interface and optimisation for mobile devices make it simple for users to include goods, photos, and other information in their apps.

Mowico-developed apps can offer subscriptions to users of mobile apps by integrating Recharge, increasing user retention and customer loyalty. With a unique mobile app made with Mowico, Shopify store owners can capitalise on the expanding mCommerce trend and provide their customers with a simple and smooth buying experience. Also, it is less expensive than creating a unique mobile application from scratch. You can easily and affordably create a customised mobile app for your Shopify store using Mowico.

It is simple to use, and some templates can be customised so customers can design a distinctive look and feel for their mobile app. With this integration, clients can effortlessly and hassle-free subscribe to your goods or services with only a few taps. Businesses may boost sales, develop their brand, and enhance customer happiness with a mobile app.

You can create a stunning and user-friendly mobile app with Mowico that coordinates with your brand identity and website. To build a highly engaging user experience that will keep your consumers coming back, you can add product carousels, push alerts, and other customisations.

From submitting your mobile app to the app stores to making sure it complies with the most recent app store requirements, Mowico handles the full publication process.

In conclusion, Mowico is a top-notch tool for building mobile apps for Shopify stores. It offers a simple user interface, brand identity tweaks, and integrations to improve functionality and performance. Mowico’s applications can now offer a seamless checkout experience thanks to the recent integration of Recharge, making them an even better choice for businesses aiming to grow.

You can find more information about Mowico on our website, where you can also book a demo to start your 14-days free trial.

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