Get unlimited features with Mowico

Not only do we offer all the features you need for a successful mobile app, we also release tens of new features each month to help you stay ahead of industry shifts.

Push Notifications

Push notifications have an open rate of 72% with e-commerce apps. Use them to recover abandoned carts, announce promotions and increase sales.

Geofence Tracking

Using Geofence Technologies increases daily orders by 21%. Create targeted campaigns for your customers located in specific locations.

Loyalty Points

Existing customers are 50% more likely to buy products compared to new ones. Give your customers the right reasons to stay, and see your retention improve.

Store Locator

Display your store locations and allow your customers to choose pick-up in store option.

In-App Messaging

Engage app users by sending targeted and contextual messages that nudge them to complete key in-app actions.


Allow your customers to interact with the items they like, create exclusive offers for the customers interacting with your items.

Customizable features

Augmented Reality

Enhance your user experience by giving your customers the ability to place products in 3D models and allow them to see how your products will look like in real life.

Shoppable Instagram

Allow your followers to shop in your mobile application where they can directly purchase products they just discovered through your Instagram Feed.

Everything you need

Multiple Languages

Expand your presence in different markets, present your mobile application in any language you wish.

Product Share

Reach a bigger audience by allowing your users to share the products they like with their friends.

Force Login

Create exclusive campaigns for mobile app users and increase your number of users by enabling the force login feature.

Deep Linking

Forward your campaigns directly to your mobile app and take a step forward in the application stores.

Profile Management

Enhance your customer experience by enabling your customers to manage their profiles.

Facebook Login

Simplify the login process for your customers and reduce your bounce rate with differentiated login options.

Instagram Showcase

Show your latest posts on your mobile app to get the most of Instagram.

Fast Checkout

Get your customers from the homepage to the order confirmation in seconds.

Hidden Pricing

Hide the prices from non-members to entice them to sign up.

Barcode Scanner

Use the Barcode Scanner Feature for a quick check-out process and reduce cart abandonment.

Gift Card

Encourage your customers to visit your app and browse products more often by enabling Gift Card Feature .

Session Management

Let the shopping experience of your customers sync with all of your online channels.